Among the more than six hundred participants are such well-known Moscow enterprises as Estet, National Heritage, St. Petersburg plants "Russian Gems", "Jewelers of the Northern Capital", "Sanis", "Samorodok", Kostroma companies: Kostroma Jewelry Factory, Aquamarine "Diamonds of Kostroma", "Master Diamond", "Platinum" and "Topaz", Yekaterinburg: "Carat JF", Ural Jewelry Factory, Yakutia: "Gold of Yakutia", "Uran Saha", "UZOR UTUM" a lot others. The exposition of the "New Russian Style", the area of ​​which occupies 30 000 sq. M. m, demonstrates the modern capabilities of the domestic jewelry industry in processing rich reserves of precious raw materials and its readiness for active integration into the global jewelry market.

RESTEC® Exhibition Company

Wednesday , 23 May 2018 To Sunday , 27 May 2018

VDNH, Pavilion No. 75, Moscow, Russia



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