Human life has never been easy, today with a slew of pressures telling on almost everyone, regardless of social stature, age, gender and career, it is indeed challenging.  Sales and especially jewellery sales is highly competitive and compelling as a field of work, best of the sales staff can feel demotivated, depressed and burnt out, right at the peak of their sales career.

Motivational sessions & seminars work best: Rishi Verma, Fateh Chand Bansi Lal Jewellers, Ambala

These are regular phases in the life of every individual and a sales person is no exception.  Inner instinct has to be alive to be able to come out of such a situation.  I have started conducting seminars and giving motivational talks. I am also attending and sending my staff for such seminars. A good motivational and excellence building seminar can work wonders to bring anyone out of a situation, when one feels low. You have to allow the light within to brighten up and show you the right way towards your own peak performance. It’s a gradual process. The path may seem long and tedious, but at the same time, one has to walk it. As leaders of the team we have to lead the underperformers along and show them how they can be their best selves.

Talk it out, use spiritual and personal motivation – Abhishek Agarwal, Shree Jewellers, Hyderabad

As owners of the store, we have to be empathetic towards our sales staff, each one goes through varied challenges in life and one has to be supportive and compassionate towards sales personnel. It is important to sit down with them and firstly listen to their problems attentively. Undivided attention when you listen to someone, usually allows you to overcome a lot of interpersonal issues. One can then offer solutions usually through spiritual and historical anecdotes. In our store we conduct regular motivational talks for our sales staff. My uncle Anil Kumar is an excellent motivational speaker and often talks to sales personnel well before they have reached their personal saturation levels.

Send sales staff on a holiday to rejuvenate, Peeyush Prakash, Alankar Jewelarts Pvt. Ltd., Meerut

This is a regular situation in our line of work. One comes across such situation on a regular basis. In order to deal with this problem, one has to be patient, listen to what exactly the problem is. Harsh treatment or scolding such an employee will never work. We have to offer solutions. We too may feel  low at times, we read good books, discuss our problems with our family and friends and come up with solutions, I feel, as a store owner our staff is like our extended family and we have to treat them accordingly. In most cases, their problems are personal, maybe someone back home is unwell, in such cases we call up the concerned doctor and request him to pay personal attention and come up with a good and fast relief solution for the patient. In rest of the cases, one finds, there is an ego tussle between employees, because sometimes, seniority has nothing to with performance. We find junior staff also turning into good sales performers, so one has to deal with such situations skillfully. We have a membership for a popular holiday resort for our employees, we send him on a paid holiday to rejuvenate himself and rediscover his lost good performing self. It works well.

Create a sense of ownership in the mind of the sales staff: Abhishek Chanda, Kalasha Fine Jewels, Hyderabad

Goals of the organization and sales staff have to be aligned appropriately. We have to explain to an affected sales person what are the goals of the organization and how s/he fits in with these goals. We have to help the person achieve his or her personal goals, while s/he in turn will help the organization  achieve its sales goals. We have to work in sync with each other. It’s team spirit that works best. As an owner we have to instill it by being in touch with our sales staff on a regular basis. We have to understand what exactly is the nature of the problem. We have to be supportive and talk to the sales person. We have to create a sense of ownership in the mind of the sales staff. As an owner, one has to make the sales personnel feel that there is scope of career growth in the store for him or her. A good pep talk can work wonders. There is no right way to resolve this matter, case to case the solution will differ.

Allow your sales staff to participate in shows: Saumya Sanjjay,  Avr Swarnamahal, Salem

Knowledge is power and it truly works as a great strength for one and all. The field of jewellery sales is no exception. We must allow sales personnel to participate in shows, exhibitions, give them ways to update their knowledge, creativity and network with industry stalwarts. This gives their self esteem an adequate boost and helps them overcome their personal lows.  It is important for store owners to constantly train their staff, in terms of market situations, best practices, cases studies, industry overview, fashion trends and in-depth product knowledge. All of this usually keeps the motivation levels high in terms of sales.