Zales Designer Spotlight will showcase and market a rotating line of up-and-coming fine jewellery designers from across the US in a nod to women's love of statement-making jewellery crafted by unique artisans. The inaugural collection for Fall/Winter 2020 features jewellery from women of diverse backgrounds – from a sixth-generation jeweller and a lawyer-turned-artisan.

"We're excited about launching our inaugural Designer Spotlight platform in time for the holiday season to make it easier for our customers to find fresh, new designs that speak to their individuality and style," said Jamie Singleton, President, Signet Jewelers. “This platform represents innovation on two fronts – it's both a groundbreaking approach for us to bring jewellery to market, and it's also a way that we can help independent, maverick designers promote their incredible pieces to a national audience by tapping into our significant fan base."

The inaugural Fall/Winter 2020 Collection is the result of Zales' call in July to emerging fine jewellery designers to apply for the programme. Zales conducted broad outreach to jewellery organisations and design schools to promote the opportunity. The programme includes helping emerging designers by leveraging the successful e-commerce platform and mentoring them through the fine points of being a successful retailer. The designers' collections will grow through phased drops throughout the Fall/Winter 2020 season.

The designers for the inaugural season are Azra Mehdi of  Au Xchange; Alexis Mazza of LexiMazz; Elliot Young; and Sarah Graham Metalsmithing.