DHL Express and BVC Logistics on March 14 entered into a partnership that will enable Indian SMEs in the gems and jewellery industry to grow their presence in the international marketplace.

This service is targeted at 10,000 Indian jewellery SME exporters to help them expand their presence in international markets for B2C shipments. At present, India’s exports of gems and jewellery are predominantly focused towards the United States, UAE and Hong Kong and account for 80 per cent of all shipments. However, there is a growing opportunity to expand across newer trade lanes and build a presence in markets such as Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Singapore, France and Italy.

This partnership will enable SME jewellery exporters/importers to take advantage of growing cross border business opportunities in the finished goods space. They will benefit from a wide range of logistics offerings such as lower shipping prices, 360-degree shipping solutions, unique value-added offerings like breakbulk, consolidated returns, slot-based deliveries and other industry-first offerings that will create a hassle-free experience for both shippers and buyers. 

The partnership, at present, primarily covers B2C players who seek to leverage the increasing demand from international customers.
BVC Logistics is a market leader in providing logistics solutions for the diamond and jewellery sector and will bring its deep network and know-how of the sector to this partnership. In addition to its secure logistics offering, BVC’s deep relationships with over miners, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and e-tailers strengthen with this value-added offering.