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If you want your consumers to identify with your product and your advertising campaign to stand head and shoulders above the rest, here are some insights from industry experts and advertising veterans says R Sugandha

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Advertising campaigns help to create a brand image in the minds of consumers. Brand building is an art and a tedious task – it needs experience and deep-rooted understanding of the client, product, target consumer, competition and above all a dedicated effort. The final advertising campaign is many notches above creativity – which forms the core. The ultimate campaign involves ceaseless pursuit of excellence and a focused vision to build the image of the brand. “In a gamut of jewellery brands, Indian and foreign; it is important to carve a niche and advertising professionals strive to re-establish the connect of the jewellery brand with the elite class. Jewellery ads have to be target oriented. They have to cater to a definite class – and communicate with them,” explains Pratiksha Prashant of Kishandas & Co, Hyderabad.

A Strong Social Message
Many recent advertisements carry a social message – like religious equality, eco-friendliness, equality of women et al. “Buying jewellery is a tradition and part of Indian culture – Indians love to flaunt best designer jewellery from chic to ethnic -- we see buyers demanding the very best,” informs Pratiksha. If advertisements carry a social message – consumers are likely to remember the brand for a longer duration – brand retention is better when there is a meaning and touching message that an advertisement provides – explains a spokesperson from Tanishq. Sadly, not many people with vested interests appreciate this thought and want to pull down a major brand based on their personal biases.


One thing that over three decades of my experience in the world of advertising has taught me is that advertisements are meant to sell a product or create a brand image in the minds of consumers. It is not a medium for social change or societal reform. It is directed at selling a product and only that is important. Advertising cannot double up as a vehicle for social activism – there are many more effective ways to do that.

For instance, in the Tanishq advertisement, I felt they should have concentrated on the design aspect, purity of gold and quality of diamonds and it is a Tata brand – which stands for honesty and trust. They could have brought that out, instead they tread on hot coals. So much that they had to pull down the advertisement. It is such a colossal waste of resources. Emotional appeal is fine in an advertisement so long as those emotions highlight qualities of the product. If they don’t, avoid harping on them. One thing that every advertiser and advertising professional must understand is that you are in the business of selling a product and then a brand to your target consumer. The consumer must be able to differentiate your product and brand from your competitors. Aspects that advertisers can appeal to: wit, intelligence, rational thought, knowledge, wisdom, empathy, emotions, among others. Your advertisement must talk about the product or brand and not about anything else. Nothing else matters. Be focused and your advertisement will stand out as one of best in the industry and so will the product.

Advertisements are meant to sell a product, they are not the means for bringing about social change Bharat Dabholkar, Ad Guru, known widely for his creative Amul ads



Inform your clients of your work, the effort and thought which has gone into making this type of jewellery and what it stands for. We all want to convey a certain message to the audience, so an effective advertising campaign should do that Rajesh Kalyanraman, Kalyan Jewellers

Selling the Concept
Advertising is the cornerstone of every good business. Innovative strategies will always work to the advantage of jewellery retailers. Says Akshay Verma of Verma Jewellers, Himachal Pradesh, “We at Verma Jewellers have come up with a unique campaign; it is called a Golden Bond – it is a bond between customer and Verma Jewellers. We have approached some of our customers to endorse our brand – we are not taking professional models. These womenfolk are from different backgrounds and fields of work – ranging from housewives, teachers, professors, industrialists, doctors, researchers, social workers, politicians, working women, etc. all of them are our longstanding clients.” They are decked up in jewellery from Verma Jewellers, with matching attire, professional makeup, and at a proper outdoor location, photographed by professional personnel and their views form part of the campaign – they are the face of Verma Jewellers

We at Verma Jewellers have come up with a unique a new campaign; it is called a Golden Bond – it is a bond between customer and Verma Jewellers. We have approached some of our customers to endorse our brand – we are not taking professional models Akshay Verma, Verma Jewellers

Reach out to consumers
Jewellery is for everyone, when you look at an advertising campaign you must feel relatable to the idea. Informs Pratiksha, “Precious Women was a unique concept where we focused on women achievers from various fields – who have managed to stay away from limelight. It was our way to celebrate ‘woman power.’ We did that in Delhi, now we are planning one in Mumbai and Hyderabad and also other cities in India.” This campaign was jointly conceptualized with Anshu Khanna from Delhi. According to Anshu, “We wanted all women to understand that these achievers are like them – they too can achieve their dreams. Jewellery was a vehicle by which we thought of celebrating the work of these women.

The selected women were asked to wear their own clothes – no special costumes were requested and they chose their own jewellery – they were not bedecked with any deliberateness. They had to retain their individuality. Originality touches a chord with the masses like nothing else does. One has to recognize that to do good work – one just has to have dedication and purposefulness --- everything Kishandas & Co. stands for; a brand image is built without stating the obvious. “Now that is good advertising,” says Anshu.

Uniqueness makes a Statement
In this mundane world everyone is awaiting for something unique – out of the ordinary. And sometimes the answer to launching a unique collection lies in the history of the land. India is home to several cultures and traditions – it is here that in its uniqueness one discovers a commonality – again which is truly uncommon! Hidden amidst the paradoxes of this statement is a simple thought that while launching a collection – jewellery retailers can draw inspiration from their land. “When we launched the special festive and bridal jewellery collection we weren’t sure of the response we would get – because it draws inspiration from Indian tradition. We were astounded with the response from all across India,” informs Rajesh Kalyanraman of Kalyan Jewellers. The latest Kalyan Jewellers’ advertisement was well received – what appeals to the subconscious is its inherent Indianness – Indians relate to it because it is a part of their tradition, while foreigners who are seeking uniqueness are smitten by its ethnic appeal which they find irresistible. All in all, is a winning deal for any jeweller. “Inform your clients of your work, the effort and thought which has gone into making this type of jewellery and what it stands for,” explains Rajesh. Good advertising, firstly, looks at the target audience and what is their aspiration, when is the advertisement to be launched – based on these the campaign is structured. How can this audience be addressed through the advertising campaign? “We all want to convey a certain message to the audience so an effective advertising campaign should do that,” explains Rajesh. 

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