In India jewellery is an integral part of tradition and culture—so much that even deities in temples are decorated with pure gold, silver and/or diamond jewellery. Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers is decorating deities in temples all across India and abroad. Some parts of this venture of theirs was shared by the company over their social media handles.
The brand has designed priceless bejeweled artefacts for places of worship since the past 80 years. Founders of VBJ along with talented artisans had designed jewellery for temples for generations. The brand has left its artistic imprint in over a 100 temples. VBJ has collaborated with mostly Vaishanavite and Shaivite temples in India where gold and silver are used in India. In the US, the brand has used diamonds to embellish many temples.

The sanctum sanctorum of any temple is the most sacred place. This is where the expert designers and craftsmen show their prowess as they take manual measurements and sketch a draft of the design without any access to photography. They then return to make a mock piece, ensure its fittings and start working on the final piece upon success of this process.

The longest project in this aspect by VBJ has been the Balaji Shiva Vishnu Temple in Livermore, California. VBJ made a mukut, a sankhachakram, abhayahastam and katikahastam. The entire set had over 400 carats of diamonds, containing over 30,000 diamonds. The brand was only given one chance by the temple authorities to collect measurements.
They had to fit the final piece perfectly without any trial. Their craftsmen took 10-15 days to take the measurement and flew to California on special-purpose visa. They delivered it on time in three months as promised. The range of jewellery was fitted at the desired place in the temple in 2018, which thrilled the temple authorities and gave a sense of accomplishment to devotees. This project is now promoted by the brand on its Instagram handle, thrilling followers.

Such projects compel one to take note of the brand and its devotion to jewellery on a spiritual level. Citing another instance, Vummidi stated that the brand has made a Yagnopaveetham (sacred birth thread)for the deity of Lord Vishnu in Tirupati Balaji Temple, Chittoor, with 1.7kg of platinum and 10 carats of diamonds. “This is the first time the deity has an embellishment in platinum and VBJ is priviledged to have its name attached to the project.
One of the striking revelations by Vummidi was the brand’s reputation during the partition of India. At that time, Lord Mountain gave a bejewelled article to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the transfer of power, which was made by VBJ. The Jewellery brand then tracked the piece and have now located it in Allahabad, officially Prayagraj now. They are working to get hold of the piece to share further information.