Platinum on a High: PGI Sixth Buyer Seller Meet Reinforces the Sentiment

The sixth edition of Platinum Guild International’s Buyer Seller Meet in God’s Own Country brought top platinum jewellery manufacturers as well as retailers across India under one roof, in an effort to boost platinum jewellery as a product category amidst consumers

Post By : IJ News Service On 10 July 2023 1:25 PM

The lush greenery and pristine waters of Kochi set the perfect ambiance for Platinum Guild International’s (PGI) sixth Buyer-Seller meet that took place from July 6-7. The demand for the subtle patina of this white metal is on an all-time high – the bustling floor with over 60+ top line retailers from across India is a testament for platinum’s continued demand. The meet hosted 16 manufacturers who specialise in platinum jewellery. Manufacturers showcased new collections under Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara, and Men of Platinum.

Some of the prominent exhibitors included ORRO, Jewelex, Emerald Jewellery House, Kama Schachter among others. From large chain store brands like Kalyan, Senco, Josalukkas and Tanishq to independent retailers like Ratnalaya, Kalamandir and CH Jewellers, the mix of retailers who attended the meet was diverse.

PGI hosted the SOL Awards Night on the 6th evening, where manufacturers and retailers where recognised for their efforts to promote platinum jewellery across 15 award categories. Speaking of the demand of platinum jewellery, particularly in the south, Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director of PGI India, said, “South has always been an important market for us. The consumers from down south appreciate quality and they have a penchant for high-value metal. But we are seeing this trend amidst Northern and Eastern states as well. Our target audience is between the age group of 25-40 and wrist wear is a product that is seeing great demand.

Some of the prominent trends seen at the meet included Cuban chains, couple bands, fancy write wear combined with other materials like ceramic, platinum with rose gold and more. PGI is also focused on catering to the Gen-Z population. Speaking of Gen-Z, Tim Schlick, COO, PGI, said, “Gen-Z is an important cohort for us. Unlike popular opinion, Gen-Zs have brand loyalty but they are open to trying out new brands. They have a different take on love and relationships. They want to hold on to singlehood for longer, they don’t want to commit forever and this is not to say that they don’t appreciate values like loyalty – in fact they are most romantic generation there is today. They have a strong stance on sustainability and so platinum as a metal checks all these parameters.”

Speaking of the event, Zairin Faizal-khoo, Head of Market Development, Anglo American, said, “What a day it has been. This is my first time in India and the kind of product innovation I have witnessed today is tremendous. From minimalistic styles to dual tone, I was amazed by the craftsmanship in all the pieces. It is commendable to produce pieces which are a perfect of artistry and technique in such scale.”

The evening also witnessed the unveiling of PGI’s marketing campaign for Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara, and Men of Platinum where some key announcements were made pertaining to endorsements and overall marketing plan.

The buyer-seller meet was a niche platform, which was in line with PGI’s agenda to leverage on platinum’s strong demand amidst youngsters not just in India’s urban cities but also the tier 1 and tier 2 towns.

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