Why every jewellery store must have Pret Jewellery as part of their inventory

Pret jewellery has evolved into a coveted choice over the years -- its widespread popularity stems from its seamless fusion of contemporary trends and timeless elegance

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Pret jewellery has become the choice of not only new-age fashionistas, but also officegoers. Its widespread appeal contributes to its popularity; pret jewellery seamlessly blends contemporary trends with age-old motifs and styles. Renowned for its finesse and high fashion quotient, this jewellery manages to strike the perfect balance between style and affordability.

 Says Akshay Verma, of Verma Jewellers, Himachal Pradesh, “While bridal jewellery holds its significance during weddings, there's a growing demand for affordable and versatile pieces for everyday wear. Young women today seek jewellery for daily use, small gatherings, and casual parties, and that's where our focus lies.”

Good inventory for pret needed

In the realm of gem and jewellery trade, the law of demand and supply takes on a unique trajectory, deviating at times from conventional textbook patterns. “Maintaining a good inventory of pret jewellery is vital throughout the year. Despite specific wedding seasons, there are regular days when customers seek general jewellery. Pret jewellery plays a crucial role during these times, catering to a broader customer base beyond bridal shoppers. It contributes to consistent sales even in non-wedding seasons, making it a strategic focus for us,” Verma adds.

Pret jewellery is versatile, making it attractive to a diverse spectrum of wearers. It is suitable for a wide array of occasions and age groups. Consequently, it emerges as an exceptionally coveted product, prized for its adaptability and appeal to a broad consumer base.

Replenishing pret jewellery inventory is a constant effort, and we actively introduce new collections featuring coloured stones and trendy designs. Our goal is to provide customers with a wide range of pret jewellery options, ensuring they have choices even when bridal jewellery is not in high demand,” explains Verma.

Adds Priyesh Nagar, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal, “There's a noticeable shift in customer preferences – customers now explore new coloured stones, unique hues, and innovative designs, including intricate lockets. Customers are becoming more experimental, prompting jewellers to adapt and cater to this evolving demand.”

Pret jewellery is always in demand

During the non- bridal season, jewellers face the challenge of deciding what type of inventory to store and showcase, “Drawing from my experience, I've found that when the bridal season is slower, there's a significant demand for statement pieces. Customers are seeking extravagant designs that can be worn anytime, not just for bridal occasions. There's a high demand for these statement pieces, where people want to showcase and flaunt their jewellery,” says Anand Prakash of Agra-based Abhushan Jewllers.

The essence of pret jewellery lies in designs that are suitable for events like cocktail parties or dinner gatherings, where individuals can socialize with friends. “The key is to offer pieces that are stylish, without being overly loud. In essence, pret jewellery is defined by its versatility and appeal for various non-bridal functions. The target audience for pret jewellery comprises social individuals, primarily new age customers, usually young clients who prefer wearing jewellery with their western attire, or for non-bridal occasions. It's jewellery that states the contemporary taste and lifestyle,” he opines.

According to Nagar, “There's a realization that concentrating solely on bigger ticket items may overlook the cumulative impact of smaller, yet meticulously crafted pieces. Items such as hoops, bracelets, tennis bracelets, charms, and layered necklaces are gaining prominence. Jewellers are now focusing on perfecting the finish and quality of these smaller pret collections, ensuring that customers find alluring options without having to look elsewhere.”

Pret is trendy and suitable for all

Pret jewellery, in our context, is characterized by its trendiness, fashionable designs, and versatility. The elite segments of society, particularly those below 40, find appeal in our fashionable and contemporary collections. Whether it's semi-precious stones, precious stones, polki, or diamonds with rose gold, our pret jewellery embodies luxury, while remaining affordable,” adds Nagar.

In this day and age, the search for sources of joy is constant, and off-beat jewellery proves to be an ideal mood lifter. The desire for everyday, modest-sized adornments has been on the rise, and numerous jewellery labels are going the extra mile to craft distinctive pieces to meet this demand.

Often, there is a noticeable shift in demand towards everyday-wear pieces, or special-occasion items for events like birthdays and anniversaries. Customers seek versatile pieces that complement their daily outfits, or make thoughtful gifts, such as minimalistic necklaces, classic studs, stackable rings, and elegant bracelets. Pret jewellery caters to a broader customer base beyond bridal or high-end buyers, encouraging regular engagement with clients.

“Offering a pret variety in our store, or ready-to-wear jewellery, encourages clients to revisit during non-bridal seasons, creating excitement, anticipation, and a sense of loyalty that promotes repeat purchases. This strategic approach not only enhances the overall customer experience, but also opens opportunities for upselling or cross-selling high-end jewellery pieces in the future,” explains Prerana Khurana, Director, Khurana Jewellery House.

Increasing demand for pret jewellery

Over the past few years, leading jewellery retail establishments in India have noted an uptick in the desire for fashionable, everyday diamond pieces that are not only comfortable and lightweight, but also budget-friendly. Seizing the momentum of this burgeoning demand, the industry is actively engaged in creating vibrant desk-to-dusk collections that prioritize both design and quality, often incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

As design trends become more globally influenced, consumers are embracing the inclusion of natural fancy colour diamonds and innovative diamond cuts in their jewellery choices. “Pret jewellery, characterized by its simplicity and versatility for everyday or casual wear, is designed to be accessible and affordable, appealing to a wider range of consumers. The target audience for pret jewellery includes fashion-conscious individuals seeking stylish accessories at budget-friendly prices, such as students, youngsters, and professionals,” feels Khurana.

Pret jewellery has universal demand. “In the non-bridal season, we observe a significant demand for high fashion jewellery, or pret jewellery. Consumers seek high-end statement pieces, which are exceptionally popular. In today's fashion landscape, everyone desires something unique — a standout piece that catches the eye. This is where pret jewellery shines, proving to be extremely popular and performing well outside of the bridal jewellery season.

“Pret jewellery is a year-round commodity. The influence of social media has made people aware of fashion trends round the globe. Individuals with a taste for fashion crave statement pieces that set them apart from the crowd. It's crucial to consistently introduce new pret jewellery designs, ideally at least once a year, to maintain its popularity throughout the seasons,” explains Pratap Kamath, Abaran Timeless Jewellery, Bengaluru.

Pret on display at The Couture Show

About Pret, the upcoming The Couture Show to be held at Goa in March, she says, “I'm happy to be a part of the upcoming Couture India Pret Edition show on March 11 in Goa, exclusively focusing on pret jewellery. This event serves as an excellent platform for retailers like us to explore quality pret jewellery from various suppliers. I eagerly anticipate the show and the opportunities it brings.”[L1]

Various factors, such as age-group, style and taste, influence the buying pattern of customers across India when it comes to pret. Lightweight pendants, earrings and ring set with round brilliant, marquise and pear-cut diamonds between 0.01ct and 0.03ct draw buyers. Customers mostly prefer the micro-setting in rhodium-plated gold, as it lends more shine to the piece of jewellery.

What distinguishes pret jewellery is the standout nature of its pieces, especially rings, chandeliers, and various neckwear options. These items garner significant attention and have become favourites across different segments of society. With the widespread influence of social media, global trends are instantaneously recognized by consumers worldwide.

“The Indian consumer, being well-travelled and fashion-conscious, strives to be a trendsetter in today's dynamic fashion landscape. In essence, pret jewellery serves as an expression of individual style and fashion-forward choices, providing consumers with the opportunity to stay in line with the latest global trends and make a statement that reflects their unique taste,” opines Kamath.

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