Ramp afire with stunning jewellery at Day 4 of IIJW 2011

Opulent jewels pay tribute to eras gone by...

Post By : IJ News Service On 04 August 2011 12:03 PM

The impressive and magnificent display of jewellery at the IIJW continued on Day 4 with renowned designers and jewellery houses strutting their stuff on the ramp. From delicate jewellery weighing just 50 grams to heavy ornate bridal sets featuring 20 carats kundan and Jadau jewellery along with diamond polki and kundan ornaments, the collection by Laxmi Jewellery at the India International Jewellery Week 2011 was a grand offering of exquisite craftsmanship. Wrists were clasped in ornate cuffs, while jhumkas with pearl centres glittered on the ear lobes of the models. The scintillating graduating kundan necklaces with large Basra pearl drops, the Cleopatra style wide collar with dazzling polkis stretching over shoulders with specs of rubies and emeralds and the arresting pearl and gold beads Rani Haar made the bridal Laxmi Jewellery collection eminently desirable. Clusters of pearl bangles were edged with diamonds and ripples of gems overlapped for several necklaces. The exclusive antique finish of the collection was the highlight of the show.

It was a journey through the glittering world of diamonds and gold when Anmol Jewellers presented their spectacular collection. The exquisitely designed pieces reflected the intricate craftsmanship which has been the basis of Anmol Jewellers headed by the dynamic Ishu Datwani. Gorgeous ornaments dazzled under the ramp lights as the models glided down wearing the striking jewellery for bridal wear. The show moved into top gear with thick chokers imbedded with corals, onyx, emeralds and rubies some with off centre floral ruby clusters. Large uncut emeralds formed a chain with pearls and a three tiered circular pair of earrings fringed with rows of rubies was a stunning offering. Maang Tikkas, bracelets, intricate rings bangles were part of the stunning sets which completed the perfect trousseau look. Graduating circles formed beautiful diamond necklaces wtih matching earrings. Floral shaped diamond choker with ruby centres and pearl drops, giant paisley ruby earrings and brilliant faceted diamonds added to the beauty of this ultra glamorous bridal collection. Gliding into the ramp lights was the talented young Bollywood star Shraddha Kapoor who acted in the film Love Ka The End wearing a dazzling diamond choker and rows of pale green tourmalines clasped with diamond and ruby pendants on either side.

Presenting a breathtaking collection at the India International Jewellery Week 2011, the expertise of the brilliant craftsmanship of Bengal was visible on the ramp as the exclusive range of bridal jewellery twinkled in all its beauty. Opening the show with collections of traditional and contemporary bridal sets, the company presented a line of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and gold which sparkled on the shoulders of the models in their faceted beauty. Delicate gold diamond sets, armlets, bracelets, rings, Rani Haars, Kaan Phools, lacy flat collars, curved U shaped diamond emerald pieces and the five prong creations with emerald tips were visions of beauty. The second part of the show featured the uneven sparks of diamond bursts with ruby edges, followed by a stunning necklace with overlapping circles. The show stopper of the evening was the very sprightly TV anchor and model, Pooja Mishra in a white gown wearing the most delicately crafted gold necklace splashed with rubies and teamed with earrings, rings and hair ornaments.

The stunning collections presented by the five graduates of the GIA India proved the Institute’s strong training foundation that had made the designers into top selling names all over the country. Bringing in the ethereal beauty of life and using the inspirations for her jewellery, Meenal Patodia’s choice of raw materials and gems was eye-catching on the ramp. Rows of corals, leafy diamond pendants on gold chains, floral centres, pearl and diamond studded earrings and a velvet ribbon with a glittering pendant were an unconventional mélange of ornaments. Her love for gemstones and fascination with the sparklers gave Pooja Patel’s collection that exquisite story that revolves around adorning the beauty of the human body and will appeal to the global woman. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets in diamonds and rubies dazzled on the ramp, while a pearl string with a diamante pendant, a set in black diamonds, a sunburst necklace and a draped flat collar with baguette rubies and pearl drop was a sumptuous offering for the fashionable woman. Shipra Todi’s jewellery resembles works of art on the models as they glided down the catwalk. Inspired by life, the designs had myriad inspirations which will appeal to women when they adorn themselves for various occasions. Opening the show with a multi sphere necklace and earrings, Shipra; added on a delicate fish net design earrings and matching necklace with rubies. These were followed by the two rows of diamonds with a striking ruby and diamond pendant at the end. The lacy diamond set was the ideal for a bridal offering with its lush design and intricate workmanship. Presenting a New Age collection aimed at the 21st century woman Sana Qureshi’s line was a creative mix of the contemporary and customised looks. Each piece was a striking entry on the ramp and a beauty in detailed craftsmanship. Rows of pearls were tasseled cleverly for a pair of earrings and bracelet, while coloured stones and small pearls and a three prong pearl pendant were inventive designs. The final Christmas tree inspired design for the earrings and necklace set had a marked festive touch ideal for those end of the year events. Presenting an edgy stylish line of jewellery, Riddhika Jesani’s collection had the dramatic touches of the East combined with the elegance of the West. Beads, stones and vintage pieces added to the distinctive touch of the jewellery which retails in India and New York. Giving an international touch to her pieces, Riddhika inspired by the palaces in Mysore and Jaipur showed an eye-catching gold tiger face pendant, the multi stones three rows of giant pear shaped pendants, the large turquoise and topaz chains, the enormous gold beads for the neck and wrist and the rows of precious stones in pastel shades which were all exciting jewellery offerings.

Just one more day to go and as IIJW 2011 prepares for the grand finale, audiences await with bated breath to see what's in store next...


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