Suspension of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and Thailand on jewellery is not because of any wrong doings or misuse of the scheme from Thailand, says Atul Jogani, Vice-Chairman, TGJTA. He further states, “That total export of gems and jewellery to India from Thailand is approximately USD 330 Million, out of which only USD 117 constitutes of jewellery. This is a small figure in comparison to total jewellery import in India. Local press in India has exacerbated on figures and has shown Thailand's name in bad light.” He also agrees that there might be few black sheeps who might have tried to misuse these schemes but the figure is too tiny to suspend it forever. Thailand plans to come to India in next two weeks to talk to Indian Authorities and make an attempt at explaining the details. Currently, Thailand enjoys one to two per cent duty on jewellery import in India in comparison to 11 to 13 per cent from countries like China, Hong Kong or Malaysia. India also now has six per cent import duty on gold. The difference is no more marginal; it can be further exploited if suitable norms are not placed and if suspension is removed.