On the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa embrace the new year with P.N. Gadgil Jewellers divine range of Temple jewellery. The collection is a mélange of neck pieces, hair brooches, bangles and earring inspired by the Indian Gods and temples, studded with colorful stones and Maharastrian pearls, meticulously blended with yellow gold with red polish. The collection is traditional and epitomizes the beauty of Marathi customs and heritage. Gudi Padwa is the beginning of a new year as per the Hindu calendar and is celebrated with utmost faith and hope, thus keeping this in mind the quintessential Maharastrian brand aquaints you with its heavenly Temple jewellery collection. The Temple Jewellery at P.N. Gadgil Jewellers is crafted by some of the finest and skilled craftsmen, and a masterpiece with such expertise takes years to eventuate who spend days on detailing in each piece. The assemblage is ethnic and has a touch of elegance to it. The motifs emote Maharastrian traditions and exemplify purity and the morality of the Gudi Padwa occasion. Today’s women are modern but connect emotionally with her traditional values and customs and prefers to be embellished with ethnic jewellery on such occasions. New Year, new hope and a new beginning, with P.N. Gadgil Jewellers latest Temple Jewellery!