Anmol Jewellers, a premium designer luxury jewellery brand, launched their latest ad campaign ‘Real Women Love Anmol’ on October 14th at The Club in Mumbai. Anmol Jewellers, known for its exquisite and novel designs is intending to bring out the connection between their designs and real women through this campaign. Anmol has been the most sought after designer luxury Jewellery brand since its inception, yet they have maintained a sense of connection between individuals and jewellery. Their loyal customers swear by the element of personalization in their designs and this sets them apart. The ‘Real Women Love Anmol’ campaign shows Real women from different strata of society adorning Anmol’s tasteful and intricate designs, portraying how the jewellery compliments their individuality. Anmol is attempting to establish a connection between women and their brand through this campaign. Anmol is breaking the mediocre campaign clichés, by portraying Real Women as their protagonists. The campaign features playback singer Anusha Mani, known for her tracks like Gulabo, Dev D and Chennai Express, former actress and actor Ronit Bose Roy’s wife Neelam Bose Roy, Singer Sonu Nigam’s wife Madhurima Nigam, renowned Make Up Designer Pakkhi Pahuja, Streax Hair Color’s founder Ashish Chhabra’s wife Trisha Chhabra, Parul Mehta who hails from the illustrious Gundecha family which owns Hotel Sea Princess and interior designer & construction technocrat Ankura Patel. This very versatile range of faces represents all walks of life and appeal to a wide segment of consumers. Anmol is aiming to highlight Jewellery designs that compliment Real women and make them feel confident in their skin. “Real Women Love Anmol campaign is the reflection of what we believe in. For so long, we have seen super stars and celebrities promoting Jewellery designs. Now with this campaign, we are embarking on a different venture. We would like the world to know how real women can carry our luxury designs with the same grace. Women would connect immediately to this notion and we are looking forward to the launch”, Founder of Anmol Jewellers Ishu Datwani stated.