Gehna Jewellers, known for their collection of treasured heirloom pieces and trending fashion jewellery will unveil their new collection designed by the stylish Shaheen Abbas. This collection takes its inspirations from the Greek word Meraki/ Miraki encompassing passion and creativity in intricately designed delicate jewellery. Keeping in mind Gehna’s discerning clientele; Shaheen Abbas brings out designs for a fiercely independent, intensely loving, passionately creative woman in her latest collection. The collection reflects the magnificent grace, elegance and jubilant love of the peacock. Taking from this symbol of exotic glamour, some pieces mirror the stunning motif of peacock feathers. Shaheen Abbas says, "Jewellery is a silent language and one just has to learn how to speak it." Adding to the eternal aura of the pieces, the earrings in this collection give us a cascading effect, personifying the fluidity of a waterfall. Capturing the essence of extravagant symmetry, ‘Miraki’ by Shaheen Abbas for Gehna Jewellers is a perfect melange of gorgeous hand-crafted diamonds and spectacular geometric shapes. “Shaheen’s designs stimulate sensibility and can easily be paired with western or cocktail outfit. The jewellery is embedded with diamonds, rubies, emerald, uncut diamond and kundan encrusted on gold. The collection offers bracelets, long earrings and chunky rings.” says Sunil Datwani, Owner, Gehna Jewellers.