Manubhai Jewellers, who are well renowned for creating ensembles that personify the heritage of India, introduce an eclectic array of bridal chokers. With these priceless, royal and antique jewels of grandeur, Manubhai Jewellers have once again crafted a potent blend of excellence and rarity in jewellery that redefines the era of luxury. It is a mark of contemporary fashion mixed with our rich inherited culture; a fusion of modern designs with tradition. Carved in 22K gold in various textures and finishes resplendent with enameling, kundan and jadau the collection is rooted deeply in culture. The ensemble comprises of exemplary traditional chokers studded with radiant white parabs and majestic semi-precious rubies, onyx and south sea pearls, turquoise. The bridal chokers also comprise of garnets, emeralds and red, green and white kundan stone, engraved with an amalgamation of filigree and quilling work on certain baubles. Adornment is an art and there is nothing like an elated choker to complete a look. Each piece captures inspiration from various elements of nature as well as royal courts of India and is kindled with various traditional artistries like Thakkar Kundan, Nakshi, Fligiree and Chitrayi karigari. The brand showcases amazing masterpieces, both heavy and lightweight that reflects the rich heritage and culture of India with a contemporary touch and successively brings together the best of both worlds. The bridal jewels are a meticulous labor of love and crafted with proficiency for the love of design. Every bride to be aspires adorning such pieces of grandeur and that array of finesse is offered here at Manubhai Jewellers.