This season, lust over the minimalistic diamond danglers by Tanya Rastogi from Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers. Known as a jewellery connoisseur and designer, Tanya Rastogi once again kicks off a fresh wave of designs using timeless diamonds and mixed gold, with the latest collection of colorful, vibrant yet statement earrings. Jewellery connoisseur Tanya Rastogi, Director, who is known for her timeless eternal creations launches a fresh line of sparkling diamond earrings that recreate the majestic era of the Nawabs. The significant range of hypnotic earrings is a class above the rest with yellow and rose gold amongst diamond tassels, leaf and floral designs. Each piece has a saga to narrate and is inspired from elements of nature. The range is a true stroke of genius by Tanya Rastogi that exudes radiance with each precious stone and carving embedded with precision. Exalting women, each piece is more diverse than the other, from long diamond tassels, leaf inspired diamond and rose gold earrings, to black diamond embedded as a disco ball. Every woman’s desire to create a proclamation of her own is ensured through this ensemble. The idiosyncratic earrings are an intricate statement of Royalty. This phenomenal range of vintage earrings is one of Tanya Rastogi’s many strokes of genius. Embellishment is an art and there is nothing like a pair of flawless earrings to complete a look. Bring in the celebrations this season with Tanya Rastogi’s diamond ensemble where each bauble is carved and designed with precision and sophistication, which adds to the glamour percentage of the party season. With consistent & extraordinary texturing of floral & basket weave designs, this collection is “a must have” this party season. Every bauble from the array by Tanya Rastogi is dainty and feminine which can be donned at a cocktail event. The range of eminent masterpieces is picture-perfect for every occasion. Tanya Rastogi’s vision creating this elegant range of masterpieces is to create ecstatic and empowering jewellery that creates a statement.