“Government thinks that it can easily destroy you. You don’t have money and power. This is not excise but it is an assassination of the small time karigars and industry. They are trying to snatch away your source of income and divert that business to major players of the industry,” said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi while he was addressing the striking jewellers rally in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi arrived in Mumbai on April 12 to express solidarity with striking jewellers at Zaveri Bazaar. Rahul Gandhi heavily criticized the present government and pointed out how the government has been trying to exploit the artisans and small scale industries. He further pointed out that government should have been working for the betterment of the people but if it is not doing so then the Congress party would work towards getting jewellers’ rights fulfilled. He further added that though the party does not have power at the central as well as state level, their party would put pressure on the ruling government to change their decision. He also reminded the striking jewellers that their unity is the need of the hour. Though there have been attempts to break the unity by some vested interests, they need to stay united.