Jaipur Jewellers Association (JJA) members have once again showed their faith in the able leadership of Nirmal Bardiya as he has won the presidential post elections for the third time. Bardiya won the election with whooping 3059 votes followed by Ramsharan Gupta who got 2954 votes. Bardiya’s victory is referred as a new beginning for the association and members are sure that under his leadership, JJA is sure to reach new zeniths of success. Two teams consisting of 15 members each represented by the contenders for the presidential post – Nirmal Bardiya and Ram Sharan Gupta, have been competing hard since past one month with aggressive campaigns online and offline. Members from other states have also joined-in at Jaipur to select their preferred candidate. Team Bardiya’s manifesto highlighted issues like: prompt development of Gem Bourse in Jaipur; organising the gem stone show in every three month; development of both wholesale and retail market and encouraging the young entrepreneurs. While, the team Gupta highlighted issues like: providing small booths at JAS for small business houses; providing better training and facilities to karigars; issuance of privilege cards to members and felicitation of the members on a regular basis. The names and votes of each of the candidates for Jewellers Association Election (2016-2018) are: Total votes cast: 4835 1. NIRMAL KUMAR BARDIYA 3059 2. RAM SHARAN GUPTA 2954 3. ALOK SONKHIA 2640 4. GOVIND AGARWAL 2466 5. SANJAY KALA 2455 6. RAJESH DHAMANI 2417 7. ASHOK MAHESHWARI (BAGLA) 2374 8. KAMAL KOTHARI 2363 9. ANIL BUMB 2335 10. D.P. KHANDELWAL 2333 11. DILIP GODIKA (DG) 2302 12. ARUN GOKHRU 2286 13. MAHENDRA AGARWAL 2285 14. AVINASH KHANDELWAL 2283 15. SUNIL BATWARA 2227