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Creative vision behind Anmol’s phenomenal development. With a vision ahead of its time Ishu Datwani, the premier driving force behind Anmol Jewellers is a first generation jeweller. Coming from a non-jewellery background, he established an era of cla

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Anmol Jewellers is a first generation jewellery store which has been in existence for three decades and has grown from strength to strength and somewhere along its journey has managed to become a favourite with not only the who’s who of Mumbai, but also the Bollywood brigade. Anmol Jewellers has had the distinction of doing wedding jewellery for Malaika Arora Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta and Urvashi Sharma, apart from being a preferred brand to a lot more actors who are no longer clients but friends of Anmol. Thirty years ago, we started off as a small jewellery brand. The initial 3-4 years were extremely difficult because of the Gold Control Act in India at that time. Unfortunately, we did not have the gold license which was mandatory for jewellers across India under the act. In spite of the hurdles and the huge losses we incurred, the brand held its own and we finally acquired the license - soon after which the whole licensing system was abolished. But, by then things had started to turn around and the business gradually picked up with everything falling into place. Clients started recognising us as a designer jewellery house and we managed to carve our own niche in a tightly-knit jewellery market that housed some of India’s old generation brands. Over a period of time we managed to acquire our neighbouring stores. Reinvention
Five years back, we reinvented ourselves by getting into a boutique format. By working hard on designs, we have managed to position ourselves among the top jewellery brands in the country. We recently launched our boutique in Delhi and a shop-in-shop in Gurgaon. There is a possibility of having a branch overseas and it is definitely on cards, but it will take time to materialise. We wish to make Anmol into a brand comparable to the best in the jewellery segment and take the brand overseas and internationally. We believe not in the number of stores we launch, but the volume each store generates as we want to continue with our personalised selling and recreating the strong comfort factor for our clients. Demand, customers, trends & more…
Over the last one decade, the Indian jewellery industry has grown and evolved tremendously. Since time immemorial, jewellery has been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition and has been perceived as the most liquid form of investment in India. But over the years, there has been a definite shift in the mindset and taste of consumers. Today, the luxury buyer is very well-travelled with a global mindset and is exposed to international trends and international luxury brands. They have an evolved & refined taste, even in terms of their approach towards Indian luxury brands. They understand the true meaning of luxury and appreciate good design in jewellery. They are willing to indulge and invest in the design aspect of jewellery while purchasing a product and their preference is gradually shifting towards investing in diamonds and coloured gemstones rather than pure gold. It is essential for a luxury brand to have a distinct brand identity which communicates the essence of your brand. If customer today is really the king then the

single most important job in marketing is the job of creating and retaining a customer. And the best way of creating and retaining customer is by building strong brands. A brand is more, much more than mere product it stands for. As a luxury jewellery brand, you have to constantly re-invent yourself, come up with innovative ideas and new designs, keep abreast of latest trends, and trends which are going to come in the future. But I guess, if you are focused, then you can carve a niche for yourself as I would like to think, we at Anmol have done. Era Of Design
Design is the USP of Anmol Jewellers, which sets us apart from other jewellery brands and the discerning clients are always looking for exclusive designs in jewellery. When we talk of excellence in design, we also mean excellence in craftsmanship and finish and attention to detail, which is an inherent part of design. With our exquisite and innovative designs, we have heralded the ‘Era of Design’ in the jewellery industry. We are now focussing on hi-end couture jewellery with our exclusive ‘Bijouterie’ collection, which is carefully curated and designed, keeping in mind the discerning clientele. The core value of Anmol Jewellers is design and so I pick and choose every piece that goes into manufacturing from the design stage to the final product of our high-end exclusive jewellery collection ‘Bijouterie’. Amongst all the jewellery pieces designed by Anmol, the one which stands out from the rest and is closest to my heart is the bridal jewellery designed for Shilpa Shetty. The choker designed for her wedding is one of the most favourite and iconic design. In spite of it having volume and a heavy look, it still manages to be understated and elegant. The huge uncut diamonds make the piece very regal and royal and the emeralds and rubies complete the ensemble and complemented her outfit. Shilpa herself makes it special and it was her inspiration that propelled Anmol to design something unusual at that point of time and actually set a trend which a lot of people in jewellery industry have then copied because the pictures were so widely publicised. The Preferred One
Today, Anmol Jewellers leads from the front when it comes to being the preferred jewellery brand for precious daughters of leading business and industrial homes in India and overseas, glamorous Bollywood actors, creative fashion designers or the discerning, looking at treating themselves or their beloved to extraordinary jewels. We have showcased our collection of jewels at some of the most celebrated events nationally and internationally in the past 30 years. Our vision is to be the ‘Creators of Trend and Custodians of Trust’ in the jewellery industry. Even though the awards and accolades garnered along our journey are a great boost, for us our most significant achievements are the rewards that we get in the form of compliments from our customers on a daily basis. These clients come to us with a renewed faith & trust over such a long period of time. It is the satisfaction and trust we see in the client’s eyes when they deal with Anmol, which matters to us the most and is our biggest achievement. We feel the most important asset which any jeweller should treasure is his reputation and the faith and trust that the clients have that they repose on a particular brand. In that sense, we are very happy that we do have a lot of satisfied clients. The genuine respect and adulation we have received over the years is truly humbling and it inspires us to raise the bar with every step we take. I hope we continue to live up to the expectations of our patrons with trendsetting and exquisite designs with our signature ‘Anmol’ touch.

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