Inventory Focus: The art of closing slow-moving inventory

  • - 16 August 2021 6:14 PM

Dealing with inventory pile-up is every retailer’s nightmare, but it is even more daunting for retail jewellers in view of the big-ticket items they deal in. Suneeta Kaul talks to a cross-section of the jewellery industry to find out how jewellers are pushing out slow-moving stock

Forevermark Forum 2021 to be marked by important announcements

  • Events - 14 August 2021 8:10 AM

The industry is eagerly anticipating the on-ground event of the annual Forevermark Forum, and this year’s event will see several important announcements being made, says Sachin Jain, Managing Director, De Beers India

The month of Aadi springs green shoots in Jewellery Retail in Tamil Nadu

  • Gold - 09 August 2021 2:03 PM

G & J retail stores are offering discount schemes to customers on the occasion of the Aadi festival in order to galvanize sales 

This Bengaluru-based jewellery manufacturer blazes a new trail with Electroforming

  • - 04 August 2021 5:26 PM

Mehta Gold is experimenting with newer designs and motifs using the electroforming technology for its upcoming collection, which will be unveiled at the prestigious Couture India event being held in Delhi between August 28 and August 30, says Sandeep Mehta in a conversation with Sughandha R

The Impact of Lockdown 2.0 on India’s Prized Jadau Industry

  • Jaipur - 21 July 2021 12:00 PM

G & J markets from the world over are opening up, but India is lagging behind because of a severe bout of the second Covid wave, which literally crippled the industry

Akshay Tritiya 2021 - This Might Be Industry's First Cashless Festival

  • Gold - 14 May 2021 6:47 PM

‘Akshay Tritiya’ has brought in a ray of hope for many jewellery retailers across India and many are saying that demand is better on this day than before. People are buying gold and allowing the good luck to ward of the gloom cast by the pandemic

A Peek Into What a Jeweller’s Day Looks Like -A Day in the Life of a Jeweller

  • Retail Report - 30 April 2021 3:57 PM

From strict morning routines that keeps them going for the rest of the day, taking quick cat naps to ensure the evenings are energetic to handling staff problems and client requirements, this is how a day in the life of these jewellers looks like,
observes Vijetha Rangabashyam

The Art of Finding Balance Between Creativity & Saleability

  • Manufacturer Report - 30 April 2021 3:29 PM

How manufacturers look at design & saleability

According To These Jewellers Empathy & Compassion Towards Customers And A “This Too Shall Pass” Attitude Will Be The Only Way To Tide Through These Trying Times

  • Company - 29 April 2021 10:50 AM

These days, that the world of business is witnessing are indeed strewn with many challenges. Select jewellery business owners suggest ways to deal with it

New Gold Deposit Scheme: What it Means for Jewellers & Customers?

  • - 11 February 2021 12:21 PM

Under the revamped Gold Monetising Scheme (GMS) which was first introduced in 2015, consumers can deposit as little as 10 g (from previous minimum of 30g). This will aid in lowering the industry’s dependence on imported gold and will foster a better relationship between jewellers and customers

Reduction In Customs Duty On Gold And Silver Brings Huge Relief to G & J Industry

  • Gold - 01 February 2021 7:25 PM

Customs duty on gold and silver decreased to 7.5% from 12.5% with an addition of 2.5% AIDC (Agri Infra & Development Cess) – in effect reduced to 10% -- applauded unanimously by the whole G & J industry

Swarovski Gemstones Business In India Shuts Down; MD Rajendra Jain Asked To Retire

  • Company - 24 December 2020 5:56 PM

The Covid19 pandemic, stiff competition from cheaper crystals, global economic meltdown and more factors have led to the debacle of the great Swarovski empire and it has affected Indian G&J business too

‘Jewellers Need to Strategise well’

  • Know Your Client - 19 November 2020 11:33 AM

Make the most of this upbeat spending mood establish a rapport with clients and rework your strategies to enhance sales. Neelesh Hundekari, partner & head of Lifestyle Practice, Asia at AT Kearney suggests some ways

Discounts on making charges, exclusive exhibitions and more, here's how jewellers are attracting customers this Diwali

  • Company - 11 November 2020 2:13 PM

The festival of wealth and wellbeing is at hand. Indian Jeweller talks to retailers across India to find out how they have prepared themselves to face increasing demand and how they plan to cash in on this golden opportunity

IJ EXCLUSIVE: “Consumers are moving away from conspicuous consumption, to more purposeful brands” – Ajoy Chawla, CEO Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited

  • Company - 21 October 2020 9:38 AM

In an exclusive interview with Indian Jeweller, Ajoy Chawla, CEO Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited, talks about how Zoya has always embraced technology and digital media to stay ahead of the curve and how for Titan market research and customer feedback are of utmost importance 

IJ Opinion: Tanishq’s Ekatvam Campaign Forced To Backdown

  • Company - 15 October 2020 2:31 PM

Sad, but true! Unity in diversity and words to that effect seem to have been relegated to unseen corners of the textbook and lost all meaning in real life…

IJ REVIEW: ‘Behind Every Meteoric Rise There Is A Murky Secret’

  • Company - 06 October 2020 6:12 PM

This is precisely what recently released ‘Bad Boy Billionnaires: India’ on Netflix tries to tell its viewers. IJ reviews the Nirav Modi docudrama from this net series

True or Not Thursday: Is price volatility and economic conditions affecting gold demand?

  • - 17 September 2020 9:32 PM

Inflation, job losses, recession and the overall financial crisis – have these affected how people look at gold in India? A market that is primarily driven by weddings, has the current economic scenario played a spoil sport when it comes to buying gold? Jewellery retailers across India present their views

True or Not Thursday

  • - 03 September 2020 1:44 PM

Will “Contactless” way of purchasing work for the Gems & Jewellery Industry?



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