Here’s How Designers Offer Maximum Value, And Maximum Quality

Affordable Quality

Post By : IJ News Service On 23 April 2024 3:18 PM

Marketing jewellery comes with intricacies that are unique to the product -- manufacturers and designers have to take several steps to strike a balance between quality, design and the price. Providing maximum value for money without compromising on quality and design is an on-going battle, and manufacturers and designers have evolved various methodologies to overcome the myriad challenges.

Several factors come into play while putting a price tag on the jewellery. Making sure that it remains within reach of customers, and yet appeals to their senses, is not easy. Among the many steps that designers take to strike this delicate balance, the foremost is using the right kind of materials, and putting a spin on a piece in such a way as to maximise its look.

Says Hema Shah, House of Sparsh, Mumbai, “When deciding the best price for our curations, it remains vital to understand the demand in the market, and keep in mind the seasons. Accurate market research helps us to analyse the different trends in consumer patterns and taste, allowing us to maintain the gold and diamond weight in our pieces to match the requirements of our clients. At the same time, we have to be cost-effective.

“The usage of precious stones in our artistry helps maintain the gold weight, making the piece more affordable. Concomitantly, we give the piece an extravagant look, thanks to our design. Our advanced skills in 3D modelling help maintain the gold weight, allowing us to keep a budget for each piece more effectively.”

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