In its endeavour to taking Hyderabad jewellery to international standards, ‘P Mangatram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.’, the purveyor of studded jewellery unveiled four exclusive collections for this festive season. These include Raa, Shahi, Pachi and Filigree Bracelet. Given the fact that the global market for stone-studded jewellery is expanding, there is enough scope for expansion in India’s diamond-studded jewellery exports as well. Each of designs is crafted in eclectic mix of 22K gold, embellished in rubies, emeralds and uncut diamonds.

Raa the elegantly designed pendant crafted in pure gold that is deeply feminine. Shahi the diamond uncut set, that stands for its eternal sparkle and expresses the royalty within you. Pachi with colored stone is graceful lineup of magnificent colored stones that shimmers with its inherent beauty and pronounced exuberance. Floral design filigree bracelet is crafted is yellow gold and studded with emeralds and rubies.

The wide range from ‘P Mangatram Jewellers’ encompasses rings, necklace, earring, pendants and bracelets that are ostensibly elegant to suit individual style and taste. The creations are meticulously designed for creating unmatched quality designs with the minutest attention to every detail. It precisely ensures that generation after generation of customers has a relationship with precious stones. The designs express a distinctive new style that complements any ensemble, versatile enough to alter from casual to marked elegance.

With the rising prices of gold customers are concentrating on the designs which are more contemporary. Customers are buying gold as a part of their investment, the studded gold which is luxurious and status symbol is also found to be part of the investment. The future growth for studded jewellery is miraculous as the manufacturers have now established the expertise to produce world-class Studded Gold jewellery at competitive prices which is a sign of a revolution in studded jewellery Industry.

Precious stones have always had their share of the spotlight and they all have their own personality and aura. In the changing lifestyle of today's women, P. Mangatram Jewellers has created a fusion of luxurious jewellery that is breathtakingly beautiful and spectacularly graceful with whatever you may be wearing. It may dazzle anyone and are ideal for any special occasions, parties, pageants or weddings.

P Mangatram Jewellers, the purveyors of studded jewellery has established itself among the front runners for major corporate clients in the country making it the largest manufacturers in Hyderabad. The company has been on the preferred list of manufacturers for the top retailing jewelry brands in India with strong presence in United States, UAE & Saudi Nations and United Kingdom. It has extensively invested in technology with sophisticated manufacturing facilities that include advanced versions of machinery to give the studded jewellery a soft finish and glittering look.