The owner of Manmandir Jewels has collected money from several customers through lotteries and investment schemes, promising them gold jewellery and money in exchange of deposited money. The furious customers blamed the owner for cheating them and demanded a refund.

The people have vested in this venture run by Manu alias Munna for the past 5 years. Monthly installments between Rs.500 to Rs.2000 were paid by these people under various investment heads. More than 1000 people are no privy to this racket created by this jeweller who promised them quick and profitable returns.

Lucky dips would be drawn and the winner would be rewarded after the money had been collected. The scheme that started out to be good turned sour as Munna turned greedy, the customers claim. He promised them cars, diamond jewellery, gold and silver articles among other things. He collected vast sums of money for the same but never rewarded the winners. Manu allegedly kept his shop closed in order to avoid paying the customers. However, he has accused all these allegations and has said there is no scam involved. He has said that there is some delay in obtaining the jewellery and all winners will be rewarded in due time.