The end of the year heralds a time of celebration, and a time to be merry. And while there’s plenty of shine and sparkle around, Iconic fine jewellery label Gehna Jewellers’ new collection, an ode to Christmas gives you the ultimate accessory to light up any ensemble. An exuberant collection - it features bracelets, earrings and necklaces in diamonds, rubies and emeralds to represent the Christmas colours.

Be it their breath-taking ruby-encrusted bangle or the magnificent diamond and emerald necklace weaved in 18k gold, each piece from this collection is a manifestation of elegance and pride. A special piece is the pair of chandelier earrings – with an emerald centre, the striking diamonds can make all the lights fade in comparison. Ideal for celebratory evenings, the jewellery is a stunning compliment to any outfit, western or traditional.

A pioneer in the jewellery making industry in India, Gehna Jewellers has set the precedent high, managing to capture dreams into jewellery. Mr. Sunil Datwani, the driving force behind this epochal jewellery label, has always insisted on the highest standards of production, while keeping the focus on designs that weave every woman’s intimate desires into reality. Proudly bearing a 30 year old legacy of being an icon, Gehna Jewellers is a paragon of superior craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. The carefully crafted jewellery is the perfect addition to the season’s best – twinkling fairy lights, flickering fires, frosty paths and glittering snow.