The special month of February always has the best of us searching for the most exquisite gift for our special someone. A gift that will remain long after the flowers and chocolates are gone! Their Valentine’s collecrion, aptly called ‘heartbeat’ is just what you need to create everlasting memories this Valentine’s.

This collection is all about expression. It says exactly what you want to say to your beloved. The collection comprises earrings, rings, bracelets and the much loved heart shaped pendants. Some of which beautifully allow for personalization. Your message or initials can be engraved on them at no extra cost!

This collection is perfect for every woman who’s tastes in jewellery vary from classic to trendy to chic., with a subtle but an unmistakably hint of glamour. It lends itself effortlessly to her individuality. Love is the foundation of these pieces and your gift will speak to your special someone for years to come!