Keeping in tune with the season, Notandas Jewellers unveiled its classic and contemporary styled ‘Diamond Earring’ collection. The diamond represents the charming beauty of a woman and it enhances and makes a woman feel special. Inspired by current trends this collection by Notandas Jewellers has a classic and feminine feel with a modern edge.

The collection boasts of pieces that are minimalistic and extravagant and nothing short of dazzling! The earrings will add to the elegance and shine to your appearance. All pieces from the collection are a testimonial to magnificent craftsmanship. The pieces have clusters of diamonds set like meteor rain or stars streaking across the sky. Notandas Jewellers retains its exclusivity in every sense.

This collection is a marvellous mix of poise, charm and the perfect embellishment for any occasion. The collection of elegant ‘Diamond Earrings’ by Notandas Jewellers compliments both Indian and Western outfits, making them look elegant and sophisticated.