The Bangalore Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ordered Kalyan Jewellers to give the consumer her 7.130 grams of 22 carat gold, with an additional Rs 27,294 for causing her mental distress. The affected party, Varalakshmamma, a Government teacher accused Kalyan of overpricing a necklace by charging more wastage.

Representatives from Kalyan Jewellers visited the aggrieved, Varalakshmamma, for a gold scheme, assuring less wastage charges on gold ornaments, 2 years ago. She was asked to pay Rs 6000 a month and was promised jewellery for an additional payment with minimum wastage charges at the end of 11 months.

When the time had come, she bought the necklace which weighed 20.970 grams and was charged 23.5% wastage instead of 3-5% which was originally promised; as a result she ended up paying Rs 78,300 for a necklace which should’ve costed her only Rs 71,000. She accused the jeweller saying that they sold her low-weighing necklace for a higher cost.

On hearing the dispute, the Court asked Kalyan Jewellers to return Rs 7,294 to Varalakshmamma with 12% interest per annum since July 2016. The jeweller was also asked to pay the plaintiff Rs 20,000 as damages and litigation charges. Further, the court had also asked Kalyan Jewellers to do the same within 30 days.