Progressive Jewellery house Karan Kothari Jewellers has advanced on its quest for excellence by unveiling a new brand identity at their Dharampeth outlet in Nagpur on 9 October 2018. The prestigious event was graced by Pradeep Kothari, Director and spokesperson of Karan Kothari Jewellers, the age-old patrons and new millennial customers of the brand. The logo was unveiled by the loyal customers Ms. Shubha Markare, Ms. Sulochana Gaikwad of Karan Kothari Jewellers.

The most popular jewellery house in Vidarbha area, Karan Kothari Jewellers has always imbibed elements of eternity in its jewellery and customer service alike, with its evergreen palm tree monogram representing everlasting opulence. This 44-year-old jewellery house has expanded from a single store to a 15,000+ sq. ft. retail space across 4 of its showrooms in Nagpur and Chandrapur, all by staying true to key traditional and timeless virtues of trust and transparency. With a motto of adapting to changing customer demographics and taste, the brand has now upgraded its corporate identity in its logo.

Retaining traditional values, Karan Kothari Jewellers’ latest palm tree monogram is a modish take on its inherent qualities. The brilliant colour play from dark to lighter shades signifies the transition in the brand positioning from focusing on traditional jewellery and techniques to modern trinkets, technology and innovation, while the centralized monogram shows the resolve to keep heritage and fashion in harmony, stay pure in its approach and create classic, authentic jewellery pieces.

“Being a progressive company, it is important that our ideology is reflected in all the things that we are and that we do.We believe our traditional approach and incredibly loyal clientele deserves a progressive jeweller who is modern where it counts (design) and traditional where it matters the most (trust and transparency). Even more so, the millennial customers demand more – not just the product but also world-class service and an experience which in itself narrates a story, not just the product,” said Pradeep Kothari, Director, Karan Kothari Jewellers.

On popular demand from trade partners and customers alike, Karan Kothari Jewellers has crossed yet another milestone in their journey with their new corporate identity that branches ahead to its modern ideology while effortlessly retaining the legacy of trust, prosperity and heritage.