One of Delhi’s most iconic names in jewellery design, its design cell interprets the brilliance of the lotus through its poetic form: Its petals that fold, unfold with infinite grace, its inner bud with its carved like curves, its rose tint accentuated with the green leaves that surround it.

Khanna jewellers interpret this fairy tale flower in a crisp, modern collection crafted with diamonds in all their splendorous shapes. Briolette in various shades of white, champagne and rose pink gets enhanced with rose-cut white diamonds and solitaires in various shapes. Finely faceted emeralds, rubies and sapphires and accents in pearls compel you to view the Lotus flower in a new glory. Says Kartik Khanna, Creative Director, Khanna Jewellers, “ The lotus has been a recurring motif in our vocabulary of design. However we have changed the total narrative from a hand painted lotus found in a jadau or its petals carved in filigreed gold ornaments to create a collection of totally modern, very brilliant and bold pieces wherein the stones are central to the story.”

Hence you find a bold ring with its central motif combining rose-cut diamonds, full-cut diamonds, yellow diamond briolettes with emeralds and accents of pearls. Through exemplary workmanship, the diamonds and emeralds are alternatingly placed at various levels to give a three dimensional feature. Collectors can also find a masterpiece asymmetrical bracelet, with an easy to open mechanism, composed of two tones of gold. Delicate earrings featuring pear-shaped emeralds and rose-cut diamonds. Add to that bold neck pieces and other ornamentation and you see the lotus inspiration shine through a contemporary design, where the fluid lines exude a distinct energy.