Celebrated for it’s pure gold woven, intricate designs and an exemplary appeal, Kashi Jewellers have set a milestone in exhibiting the exceptionally valuable yellow metal; Gold. The House of Kashi introduces the perfect Mangalsutra befitting your choice.

Mangalsutra being a timeless ornament for a wedding that complements every woman’s ensemble. Kashi Jewellers introduces exquisite designer Mangalsutra collection curated for modish woman to glorify the ‘to be bride’s’ appearance and as a part of their must have wardrobe essential. The Collection of Kashi have an array of patterns, crafted with delicate detailing of semi-precious stones representing the Indian heritage.

The pendent of the Mangalsutra is embedded with semi-precious red and kundan stones, neck chain has a sequence of colorful beads, to make the attire dazzle. The Mangalsutra designs are opulent and chic adding more beauty of the shiny gold jewelry.