Temple jewellery, that is intricately designed and crafted fully woven into gold, House of Kashi Jewellers pledge that promises to offer alluring designs and patterns to it’s newly wed brides. The House of Kashi brings us the latest exquisite collection of Temple jewellery to befit newlyweds significant day.

The pure gold traditional jewellery is handcrafted with elegant royal figures like motif of goddess Lakshmi, Lord Krishna, flowers, swans, peacock are few to name. The jewellery is encrusted with deliciate detailing of colourful beads and opulent embellishments.

The collection consist of incredible all gold jewellery like choker necklace with alluring drop earring, a necklace with motif of Goddess Lakshmi with matching princess earrings. The Temple Jewellery by House of Kashi Jewellers is truly an asset for every newly bride to enhance its wedding ensemble and also can be a significant heirloom to the family.