Carving an Era of Design, ANMOL embraces the lure of spirituality with their latest temple Jewellery collection- “Pavitram”. Curated with iconic symbols, modernistic details and a broad array of extravagant materials the collection takes its inspiration from “Rock Cut Architecture of South Indian Temples”.

Crafted in 22k yellow gold, Pavitram brings with it temple jewellery which is one of the only Handcrafted jewellery techniques that has retained its originality with changing times while narrating the sacred saga of Indian mythology. The edition captures an ancient art form that stands for the rich cultural heritage of south India.

The exquisite “Pavitram Collection” by ANMOL presents an array of statement Neck-Piece (Kanthabharanam) where some piece narrate the iconic Raas-leela scene with intricate carvings of Radha & Krishna where as some capture the wedding scene with bride, groom and the baarati. The finger cuffs (viralaṭayāḷaṁ) are embellished with hand carved motifs of floral & animal motifs like peacock and elephants. The bracelet (Vala) is engraved with motifs of Indian Gods & Goddesses. Every ‘Pavitram’ piece is designed for sacred occasions keeping in mind the Modern Indian Woman who cherishes her cultural roots and rich Indian heritage.

It encapsulates the ethnic glamour of traditional festivity that makes an everlasting statement. This festive season, experience the divinity of yellow gold in its purest form with Pavitram by Anmol.