As part of its grand multicity multi-store expansion plan, BlueStone, India's leading destination for high-quality fine jewellery, is determined to expand its business in Hyderabad with the launch of its third store in the city. The new store has been launched at the Sharad City Mall Store. The company has a total of sixteen stores across the country with the fourteen more in the pipeline, to be launched in the year ahead. BlueStone is known for its fine jewellery with superior quality and strikingly exquisite designs.

Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Founder and CEO, BlueStone, said, “It is a moment of extreme pleasure for us that we have the opportunity of expanding our business in the city of Hyderabad. It would not have happened, had we not received the immense love and respect by the people of Hyderabad. The launch of the third store is a significant milestone in the expansion of the company.”

With this new store in Hyderabad, the company aims at revolutionizing the fine jewellery and lifestyle segment in India with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience. Kushwaha envisages the store as a precious touchpoint where the company can build a better relationship with its customers and deepen their faith in the brand. Kushwaha dreams of creating a larger omni-channel ecosystem of BlueStone and maximize its offline footprints with the help of increasing numbers of such stores that offer buyers an immersive jewellery browsing and buying experience. The two stores which are already operational in Hyderabad are located at Inorbit mall and Jubilee Hills.