Extending the learning curve and taking it to new dimensions the 9th Forevermark Forum has brought together world’s topnotch experts from various segments and promises to wow the participants with their theories. Once again, it’s time to witness the gala event, albeit virtually, this time and expand the horizons of one’s wisdom and reiterate the successes into your respective businesses and carve a niche into this new post Covid-19 World.

Here are some of the advantages of this year’s 9th Forevermark Forum:

Extend the learning continuum

As the post Covid-19 business world will pose new challenges and force each and every ambitious business owner to think differently here’s a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

  • On Day One, August 18 at 11am
  1. Bruce Cleaver, CEO, De Beers Group
  2. Stephen Lussier, Chairman, Forevermark
  3. Nancy Liu, CEO, Forevermark
  4. Sachin Jain, Managing Director, De Beers India

A host of business experts and some of the world’s most successful names from diverse industries will present formulae for success, which each one of you can implement in your own businesses and scale newer heights.

Your roadmap to success

  • Post lunch from 3.30 pm to 4 pm and you get to witness a breakout session with Paul Rowley, Executive Vice President, ‎De Beers, global sightholder sales. Sales and marketing strategies to suit the New Normal will have to charted out to perfection in order to convert the existing catastrophe into a plethora of opportunities.

A day well spent…

All work and no play… will get no one anywhere. So spend the evening with talented actor, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar from 7 pm onwards.

Knowledge Pays

Knowledge is power, especially when there’s a powerful crises lurking around the corner. So learn from the best in the world: On August 19, 2020; 10am. Knowledge series will be held from 10:30 am - 11.15 am with Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO at Zuckerberg Media, Creator of Facebook live & Forme rDirector of Market Development and Spokesperson for Facebook.Randi will be talking about her experience in the silicon valley and the new rules of engagement in the Digital Age. Lessons which each one of you can extrapolate to suit your own business models.

Glean from New Research

On August 19, from 2.30 pm to 3 pm you can opt in for a Breakout Session with Katie Fergusson, SVP Social Impact, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Communications on Carbon Vault. Carbon Vault is a Pioneering Research Project that Aims to Harness the Power of Kimberlite, the Rock in which Diamonds are Formed.

Research hasn’t always been everyone’s forte, all the same, when explained by the very best in world, and brought with first-hand knowledge it not only becomes clear but each one can use the knowledge gained therefrom to propel your business ahead.

Inspiring success stories

As the day proceeds, listen to Deep Kalra, Founder & Group Executive Chairman of India's Leading Online Travel Company, MakeMyTrip.com. Join Deep as he shares his story and experience on building one of India's largest travel portal interact with one of the most powerful digital influencer in India in a Q&A Session.

Nothing is more inspiring than the real life story of a business expanding and becoming bigger in every way.

Anecdotes with a difference

In world rife with competition and struggle, one loves to learn lessons with a difference, where social obligation and success are intertwined. Therefore on Day three, 20 Augustat 11 am you can attend Forevermark Knowledge Series with innovator, engineer and education reformist, Sonam Wangchuk. Join Sonam as he shares his perspective on innovation and business in the Indian contextinteract with the inspiration behind the award winning Bollywood film, 3 Idiots in a Q&A session.

This interaction will ignite the spark of social obligation, which is the cornerstone of good business principle and helps every business go that extra mile on its way ahead.

Gems and jewellery is a business of high fashion and luxury and therefore from 3.30 to 4 pm opt in for a fashionable breakout session with the talented New York-based fashion designer, Bibhu Mohapatra on the latest trends on the runway.

These three days are slated to be the best one’s you have experienced in a long time. They will inspire you with renewed vigour and your business with a zest that’s not easy to find.