• How has the pandemic affected sales for a big brand like yours?

The pandemic has definitely affected our brand in a major way. People are not keen to buy jewellery like before. Our stand in this regard is very clear -- we don’t want to do any aggressive marketing, because we know that people are going through some difficult times, the crisis is looming large and there is a lot of insecurity and fear in the minds of buyers as well. So we don’t think it is appropriate to get into aggressive jewellery marketing. 

• How are you embracing technology to ensure that you reach a wider audience?

We are adapting to technology in a big way. We have become very flexible when it comes to selling. We are redoing our website and integrating a secure ecommerce platform as well. All of this is important, because we understand our clients’ needs and want to extend all the support we can towards them in these difficult times.
• Do you believe in online sales? In this day and age every luxury jewellery brand has been forced to engage in ecommerce, how have you integrated this medium?

Online sales is surely the way ahead. With the New Normal setting in, it is important to create a viable ecommerce platform. Many of our customers are based abroad and with the difficulties of travel, it is important that we give them the opportunity to buy our branded jewellery. We are steadily working towards finding good solutions, so that everyone is happy and can buy the products they desire.

• What are the some of the changes you have made in your business model or in the way you do business in this time of pandemic?

We have trained our sales staff to display products over video conferencing, we are posting exquisite, specially shot pictures on our website. We allow clients to walk-in by appointment or even for regular walk-ins we take care that at a time there just two customers in the store. Our sales staff is also making house calls, on specific request by clients and extending the best customer service.

• What would be the top three mantras you adopt to stay ahead of the curve?

Be Flexible: Every business owner needs to be extra flexible and attentive to the needs of the client. It is important to make the client feel happy about the buying experience, because the pandemic has cast its gloom. With our cheerful demeanor we need to dispel it.

Be Digital: Digital is the way ahead for jewellery business. If the Tiffany’s and Cartier’s of the world can manage to sell their products online, so can we. We just need to understand the nuances involved and meticulously incorporate them in our business practices.

Be Open: One needs to be receptive to the needs of everyone around. All stakeholders: buyers, sellers, staff, and everyone around could be in a potential danger of being infected, so we have to take lot of care. Life is above business. Wellbeing of everyone is of utmost importance. We, therefore take steps to ensure it.  

• Design wise - what are you doing to adapt to the New Normal?

We are re-working our whole product range, the price points are being reduced. So that people are able to buy the products they want. We understand that everyone is facing a challenging situation – financially, health-wise, et al so we are trying to re-do our inventory to match their requirements and see that they are comfortable buying the products they want.