The advertisement was meant to promote Tanishq's Ekatvam brand jewellery line. Several social media users who liked the advertisement were disappointed after it was withdrawn.

"The idea behind the Ekatvam campaign is to celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life, local communities and families during these challenging times and celebrate the beauty of oneness," the company said in the statement.

Some of the reactions to the commercial were "contrary to its very objective," Tanishq added.
On October 13, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had come out in support of the ad and had slammed 'Hindutva bigots' for calling for a boycott of Tanishq jewellery.

In a tweet he had said:

"So Hindutva bigots have called for a boycott of @TanishqJewelry for highlighting Hindu-Muslim unity through this beautiful ad. If Hindu-Muslim “ekatvam” irks them so much, why don’t they boycott the longest surviving symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity in the world -- India?"

Tanishq, the Tata Group’s jewellery brand, explained why it had to withdraw the advertisement -- “keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well-being of our employees, partners and store staff”.

The advertisement
The advertisement, released ahead of the festive season, shows a baby shower being held by a Muslim family for their Hindu daughter-in-law. The bahu points out to her mother-in-law that baby showers are not a tradition in their household. To which the mother-in-law replies: “Isn’t it a tradition for every home to keep daughters happy?”

The thought
Creative directors working round the clock in India’s leading advertising agencies, strive to bring in a difference in the way sentiments bind people – feelings of belonging, love, care and kindness are beyond religion and that is exactly what the jewellery brand tried to show in this advertisement – a message twisted badly to mean the exact opposite of what it strove to drive home. 

The uproar and no end…
Political vested interests will not spare any effort in ruining the harmony of this peace-loving nation – a brand which tries to swim against the current is forced to backdown. It’s indeed a sad state to which well-intentioned creative accomplishments have been reduced.