Diamonds That Make India Proud-A Anildiajewels

India is home to the world’s best cut and polished diamonds. The diamond industry in India has a proud history. Adding glory to it is A Anildiajewels. This Surat-based diamond manufacturer has an equally shining story

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Anildiajewels (Make in India brand) has made a name for itself worldwide and especially in the whole diamond industry with its range of quality services and business acumen. The company began its operations in 2001, in Varachha, Surat - Gujarat (which is known to be the heart of Global Diamond Center). Its first branch was inaugurated in 2002 at Karnal and from then on, the company extended its operations to Karol Baug, Delhi, which is currently run by Anil Kumar’s (the founder) younger brother, Arpan Kumar.

A shining start
Anil Kumar, who founded A Anildiajewels was born in 1976 in Karnal, an idyllic village in Haryana, India. It was from this Green City that he began his journey into the Diamond City of India, Surat. He is an avid reader and has a passion for motor biking. He is known for his strong intellect and hard work. Since an early age, he nurtured a dream to do something unique.

A diamond legacy
A Anildiajewels has one of the finest state-of-the-art units in Diamond City, Surat.They ensure precision, brilliant cut, illusion set diamonds in various beautiful designs, made to perfection and set into a sparkling jewellery one could flaunt forever.

Product portfolio
The company specialises in manufacturing diamonds in all shapes ranging from Round to Heart, Emerald to Pear, Gautam Buddha to Lord Mahavir and side stones like Kite, Bullet, Star, Half Moon, Shield, Chevrons and many more, they make it all, adding sparkle to any collection. In fact the company specialises in diamonds of all types and shapes with unmatched finesse in their work.

Global clientele
The company has been serving its customers widely spread across the world (mainly USA, Europe, Hong Kong, and many more) and in India, they provide diamonds for those who strive for excellence in sparkling brilliant jewellery

Overcoming the pandemic pandemonium
Amidst Covid-19 lockdown, the company has been overcoming several challenges related to sourcing rough diamonds, their manufacturing process and exports but with use of technology.Their supportive employees and moreover personal networking along with clients helped them considerably.They have been able to do good business by reaching out to their customers across the globe coupled with their precise business decisions..

Vocal for Local
On May 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon Indians to be “vocal for local”. ‘The way in which we, as citizens and professionals, interpret the local will have far-reaching effects on the country’s landscape and prosperity.’ In keeping with this ideology A Anildiajewels garnered all its resources and worked towards making the Honourable Prime Minister’s vision a reality.


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