Gaatha in Sanskrit means a verse of a poem. Storytelling through jewellery is one of the highlights by Harit Zaveri Jewellers who for generations have helped women design their dreams by their ornaments. Each new collection has a narrative of its own that transfers you to that place in time. The Gaatha range is just that, jewellery that is timeless, unique masterpieces that remind you of your ancestors who have left behind heirlooms for generations to come. 

These heirlooms take you down memory lane, to think of the time your grandmother’s wrinkled hands, as she pulled out that red velvet potli, kept safely inside amidst her treasured memories. As hearts skipped a beat and your watchful eyes waited in awe to see what she was about to unveil, on her finger would gleam an old ruby wedding ring which shone bright as her eyes still young in her ancient beloved face. Enveloped in layers and layers of beautiful stories, narrating each story one by one in her caring voice, she revealed the timeless treasures and tales kept close to her heart for ages.

With Navratri being one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals, the newest collection Gaatha is an opulent display of modern craftsmanship merging seamlessly with the traditional. Conventional kundan and polki sets are featured in this range that promise to make every special occasion even more memorable.

The series of traditional kundan, jadau and polki jewellery showcasing time-honoured techniques and designs favoured by India’s historic royal courts are nothing short of masterpieces and are completely handmade. The stones used are polki, rubies, emeralds, turquoise, tourmalines and pearls with uncut diamonds are set immaculately in heritage styles that reflect the rich culture and history of India. With only the very highest quality stones are used in each piece, the forms and shapes are majorly inspired by Hindustani art, folk motifs, birds and fish and the Mughal Indian jewellery.