The Grand Jury Meet was held on December 10, 2020. The panel consisted of experts from gems and jewellery, social media, fashion and styling, design, and beyond, ensuring that each piece of jewellery is viewed from different perspectives. The jury panel included: Bina Goenka, Founder & CEO, Bina Goenka; Eshaa Amiin, Celebrity Stylist; Pratiksha Prashant, CEO, Kishandas & Co; Shweta Kaushik, CEO & Founder, SKID Interior Designing firm; Richa Goyal Sikri, Gemmologist & Story Teller; Rajiv Jain, Secretary Jaipur Jewellery Show; Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director Sales and Business Development, GIA India; Meha Bhargava, Founder & CEO, Styl Inc, Wedding Stylists and Personal Shoppers; Harpreet Suri, Global Indian Influencer fame Momwearsprada and Sonam Modi, Co-Founder & Head Designer at SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi and Renu Oberoi, Creative Director, Renu Oberoi Luxury Fine Jewellery.
This year, we had received over 500 entries from 24 cities all across India of which 104 entries from 20 categories were shortlisted. Winners will be awarded as part of a virtual ceremony on December 27, 2020.

Each and every entry was unique and presented really well by zooming in on still photographs from every angle and an accompanying video which displayed every jewellery in a 360 degree angle. Plus with the help of AR-enabled virtual try-ons helped the jury members see how these pieces actually looked on an individual.

Grand Feedback

Designers have done an excellent job, this show displayed is India at its best,” said Bina Goenka. Pratiksha Prashanth said, “The meet was very well implemented in this new format and it was evident that a lot of homework has gone into making this show work so successfully. It was indeed a grand experience.”

Speaking about her experience Richa Sikri  said, “Inspiration is always around us. I was excited to see this innovation and the story that the creators were trying to tell us through their work.” 

According to Meha, “The temple jewellery was truly unique and would fit ably in an wedding ceremony and look really grand. I saw some amazing craftsmanship very interesting stuff!”
About the accessories segment , Eshaa said, “I was happy the new format and my favourite segment was the accessories part.” Shweta congratulated the IJ team for their effort saying, “The voting app was truly unique and effective. I loved to see the videos and the use of colour in a lot of jewellery.” 

While Rajiv Jain said, “Some pieces were truly excellent. New colour stones were used quite attractively. The virtual meet was a great success.” Said Harpreet, “Times were tough and I didn’t think people would have made such beautiful new pieces especially for this show but I was glad to see that they did.” Apoorva Deshingkar said, “I am totally impressed to see how seamlessly the show was made in digital format. That gap between real and virtual was well bridged. It was a grand expression of the undying spirit of all involved.”

Talking about the Jury Meet, Renu Renu Oberoi, Creative Director, Renu Oberoi Luxury Fine Jewellery said, “The experience was very seamless. Looking at all these pieces, I feel that they have been crafted with such passion. Clearly, a lot of time has gone into the ideation of these pieces and then manufacturing. Kudos to all the manufacturers.”

About the couture segment, Sonam said, “It has been a fantastic segment. I loved the couture part, the jewellery complements any high fashion clothing really well. The videos made all the difference. The temple jewellery was outstanding.”

Powered by GIA, the IJ Awards was presented by JJS. The other partners included: Hari Krishna Group as the Diamond Jewellery category partner, BVC as the logistics partner and MirrAR was the virtual try-on partner; while Diamond World magazine was the Media Partner.