Trend Report: This Amritsar-based Jeweller foresees a great demand for heavy, bridal pieces in the upcoming months

Satyam Kapoor of Umesh Malliram Jewellers gives insights on consumer preferences and what will be in demand for the coming months

Post By : IJ News Service On 19 February 2021 1:58 PM

Umesh Malliram Jewellers has been serving their loyal clients in Amritsar for many years now. A lot has changed in the past few months, but serving their customers with utmost sincerity and giving them topnotch service remains a key priority. “We can see a significant shift in the consumer mindset over the last few days. Last year, when the pandemic was at its peak, people preferred more light weight pieces, stylish but minimal looking. Now, as things have become more relaxed, people have gone back to buying heavier traditional pieces. Now bridal pieces have been in great demand because of the wedding season,” says Satyam Kapoor, a fourth generation jeweller, who takes care of the business along with his father Umesh Kapoor and brother Gaurav Kapoor.

Virtual is here to stay

Umesh Malliram’s efforts to drive sales have taken a 360 degree turn. “From trying to visit clients at their homes to connecting with them over video calls and even conducting virtual sessions on jewellery – everything has now shifted to the virtual world. And this will be an integral part of our business – we will continue to focus on giving our customers the best virtual experience possible because that is where the future is.”

Rose gold fever

These days demand for rose gold has been unanimous. Of course, when it comes to traditional pieces people are inclined towards choosing yellow gold. “Rose gold, especially when it comes to diamond jewellery, enhances the beauty of the piece. So, from earrings to necklaces, people are majorly into rose gold these days. It enhances the shine of diamonds better. Platinum demand has been seeing a slight upward trend but in Amritsar, people still prefer gold.”

Chokers remain a mainstay

Earrings are still the highest selling item at Umesh Malliram. “It depends on the clients. Younger women, who come into buy everyday wear, prefer studs. But if it is for an occasion, then they buy chandeliers or chandbalis. When it comes to earrings it is hard to pin on a particular trend. Every style sells as long as the design is good. Chokers still are high one demand. Bangalas are also highly popular.”

Clients graduate towards offbeat shapes

For Umesh Malliram, when it comes to engagement rings, 1ct stones have been a universal choice. “However, there has been gradual demand for 1.5-2ct stones. We have also been noticing that people like offbeat cuts like trillion and cushion – the bigger the size, they want to go in for something different. For gifting, rings, studs and extremely sleek tennis bracelets are popular. We are going to stock up on a wide range of bridal jewellery – people are going to get back to buying heavy pieces. So, we want to stock up on every kind of bridal piece there is.”

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