The magic, splendor and grandeur of India can be felt in it’s festivals. Every region in India follows different culture and celebrates the New Years day at the time of harvesting crops. GudiPadwa in Maharashtra, Ugadi in South, Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab and PoilaBoisakh in Bengal amongst many others that marks the start of the new season and is considered to be the beginning of a brand new year.  Gearing up for the auspicious occasion, Reliance Jewels, India’s most trusted jewellery brand has added a good mix of new and elegant designs to its gold traditional jewellery line across India.

Traditional jewellery along with the regional outfits captures the essence of the New Year in India. For instance, a Maharashtrian woman decked up in a rich Nauvari saree, green bangles with classic nath and laxmihaar celebrating GudiPadwa, a Punjabi woman dressed in a Patiala suit with gold earrings for Baisakhi  or a Bengali women wearing red and white bangles with exquisite gold mathapatti. From traditional laxmihaars ,thushis, goths from Maharashtra to gold kadhas from Punjab, antique necklaces, temple Jewellery and gold filigree pieces with intricate design of Hindu deities from South and Assam, to churs and tiklisintricated with motifs and tassels from Bengal, Reliance Jewels offer a wide range of traditional gold jewellery for its customers to celebrate the New Year in high spirits.

New Year is also considered a good time for people to buy gold as gold is seen as a symbol of prosperity and is purchased with a belief that it will enable them to prosper and grow in the coming year.Commenting on the occasion, Sunil Nayak, CEO at Reliance Jewels said, “Indian New Year symbolizes new beginnings and is considered as one of the most auspicious day to buy gold. Keeping the occasion in mind, we at Reliance Jewels offer an extensive array of gold traditional jewellery for every region in India making it a perfect buy of the season.”
To make this occasion more warm and happy Reliance Jewels gives special offer of Flat 20% off on making charges on gold and Flat 20% off on diamond Jewellery value. This special offer is valid across Reliance Jewels showroom in India to all customers till 18th April, 2021.