Love as an emotion has been used by advertisers for eons. Jewellery brands especially, have completely juiced the idea of love, be it a father gifting a bride jewellery or a husband gifting his wife a diamond ring. For the first time in the history of jewellery brands, Kerala-based Bhima Jewellery launched its ad “Pure as Love” depicting the journey of a young transgender woman.

A pensive boy, while struggling with his internal conflicts, is gifted a pair of gold anklets by his parents. Jewellery becomes an expression of love that transcends all kinds of social constructs and stereotypes including gender. Over the years, jewellery has been commoditised just for women and has been associated only with female beauty.

“We have to talk about what is relevant in today’s society and gender equality is very relevant, between a man and a woman. But I felt that transgenders also have to be represented in this dialogue, they are often excluded in this conversation about gender equality. When we were putting together the ideas, I thought that this is a concept that has never been done before and if we could include the trans community in some way in our ad, it could send a very strong message and resonate with the audience, and I think it has,” says Navya Suhas, Online Marketing Head at Bhima Jewellery.

With this groundbreaking ad, the 96 year old jewellery brand sends a powerful message of inclusivity with poignant moments, where a transgender woman is coming to terms with her sexuality with the acceptance of her family and friends. Starring in the ad is Meera Singhania, a real transwoman, making the ad even more credible and genuine.

The ad that was launched on Vishu, Kerala New Year, has been appreciated for its progressiveness, as even the most, so-called ‘woke’ brands have not dared to portray this level of sensitivity in the history of advertising.

Watch the ad here