IBJA proudly uncurtains a proud collaboration with Jewelxy as a “Digital Partner” on the 20th, April 2021. 

Holding a proven history of the most preferred "Digital Partner" in the industry for 360-degree digital promotion, ever since the digital revolution started in the Indian gems and jewellery industry. This dynamic collaboration will upscale the success bar of the Gems & Jewellery Domain and will merely benefit the jewellery enthusiasts, jewellery lovers & IBJA Members as a whole. 

“Forging excellence in the gems & jewellery domain with this dynamic alliance to attain new victories in the subsequent times," said Surendra Mehta, National Secretary - IBJA

“It's a collaboration of experience and expertise today. A team pursuing a common vision of exponential growth of the Indian Gems and Jewellery Industry, " said Hemal Soni.