The Indian jewellery industry is not particularly known for catering to kids. However, visionary brand NAC Jewellers from Chennai has been making inroads into this segment since 2104. By now, the brand has built a market, and is now reimagining the segment with cartoon characters for children.

According to Toji Thomas, Head – Sales & Operations, NAC Jewellers, Chennai,  children have strong associations with cartoon characters, and that’s the theme of their kids’ jewellery collection ‘Young Ones’. The brand renews the design language of kids’ jewellery once every two years, and the latest lot has a lot of excitement with gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery taking the shape of mega-popular characters such as Donald Duck, Piglet, animals such as fish, and deities such as Lord Ganesha.

The highlight of this range is the child-friendly technology. Coloured enamel is used to create the jewellery pieces so that children don’t harm themselves, or react to the jewellery in a bad way. NAC has been conducting research in this segment for two years now, and vouches for the safety of its collection. Thomas adds that people usually let their jewellery be worn by children. The skin of children is very delicate, and that has to be taken into consideration. NAC’s collection for kids has no sharp edges, and that makes them child-safe.

Finding the right design approach for kids’ jewellery is tricky, for which the brand relies on women’s jewellery designs and adopts a simpler version of that. Their range caters to kids and teenagers alike. This is the most important catalyst for the brand to create future customers in the more prominent segments by instilling love for jewellery at a young age.

The Young Ones collection falls in the lightweight segment, which has been in demand since the pandemic struck. Thomas says that the company is generating good impressions on social media for the Young Ones’ collection, because of its lightweight nature, reasonable price range and a greater inclination for customers to buy jewellery online specifically in the lightweight segment.