Surat Software Piracy Case Resolved

Sarine wins the legal battle against 5 Indian manufacturers using the company’s pirated software

Post By : IJ News Service On 13 December 2022 12:41 PM

Sarine Technologies is an Isreal-based software solutions provider. Five Surat-based manufacturers who illegally used Sarine’s software were sued by the company.  An Indian court has ruled against the illegal use of pirated Advisor® software by those Surat-based companies. Following the lawsuit filed by Sarine and the subsequent court-ordered raids, the court has found five manufacturers in Surat guilty of copyright infringement and the illegal use of pirated Advisor® rough planning software.

Sarine said that due to the severity of the issue and the clear-cut evidence collected during the raids, the court issued a quick and final judgement against the infringers – Gopi Impex, Nirghay Impex, Pramukh Gems, Dhiren Diamonds and Bhumika Gems. The court further ordered the immediate removal of the infringing software from the infringing parties’ computers. The court decision makes clear that the use of unlicensed or pirated versions of Advisor® software is illegal.

David Block, CEO of Sarine, stated, “We are encouraged by the swift and decisive action taken by the Indian court. The court’s ruling has made it clear that any company using unlicensed or pirated Advisor® software is breaking the law. We intend to aggressively protect our IP and will continue taking action against any entities involved in infringement.”

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