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Diamonds On Call is a B2B e-commerce platform where diamond buyers can source, order, and get their diamonds delivered to them in a few clicks. With a simple pay-for-value model, you only pay when you see the value in their service. Founder Harshil Shah says he wanted to build a platform for sourcing diamonds that is trustworthy with quick delivery solutions in real-time.

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Diamonds On Call was launched in Hong Kong in 2017 with the aim of providing essential services and solutions to jewellers and jewellery retailers purchasing diamonds online. The goal was to address the lack of trust that many people had back then when it came to buying diamonds without seeing them in person. Since then, the brand has played a key role in changing the mindset around online purchasing of diamonds and has expanded rapidly.  Their solutions are simple but effective, addressing common issues related to quality control, delivery, KYCs, and supply chain.

Essentially, they are an online diamond-buying platform where suppliers and manufacturers worldwide list their diamonds, and jewellers buy them as per their requirements. Currently, their LIVE inventory holds 8,00,000+ natural and 2,00,000+ lab-grown diamonds, accessible by registered members. “Our system is highly transparent, disclosing all relevant information to buyers right in the start. We currently deliver to 26+ countries around the world and offer a streamlined process of consolidation for jewellers looking to purchase diamonds from multiple suppliers. Instead of going through the tedious process of quality checks, KYC, payment, and shipment with each supplier, they can simply select the desired diamonds from different suppliers, click on the buy button, and have the diamonds quality checked by our inhouse gemmologists before being shipped directly to them,” says Harshil Shah, Founder.

Diamonds on Call has tied up with the fastest logistics providers that enables them to deliver from India to the USA in 48 hours and to Australia in 72 hours, and even to non-diamond hubs. “Additionally, we are developing technical solutions to further streamline the supply chain process for diamond buyers and jewellers worldwide. We are excited for our launch in India, this April,” added Shah.

Harshil receiving the JWA Industry Innovation Award 2021 from Mr Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC.

Harshil receiving the JWA Industry Innovation Award 2021 from Mr Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC.

How is the Indian market poised to respond to the services Diamonds on Call has to offer?

According to our research, Indian jewellers are facing challenges when it comes to pricing. Our analysis indicates that big jewellers prefer to buy from the top 10 or 15 diamond dealers, while medium-sized jewellers have their preferred dealers. Negotiations often come into play, with the middlemen starting with a price that is at least 20 percent higher. However, the diamond market has become more transparent in recent years, with prices for a particular category of diamond being widely known. The price variation is not much, depending on supply and demand and other parameters. This difference in price can cause trust issues during negotiations, making it difficult for jewellers. This is where Diamonds On Call comes in as a solution, offering transparent prices.

When a jeweller in Kolkata or Chennai wants to purchase 50 stones for a necklace, they usually opt for VVS1 or VVS2 quality. However, the traditional process involves a lot of negotiation, KYC verification, and delivery issues, which can be frustrating. Even after investing two weeks of effort, they might end up dissatisfied with the purchase. At Diamonds On Call, the process is simplified, and you can purchase 50 stones with just one click at a transparent price. The diamonds are quality checked and shipped directly to your store, ready to fit into your jewellery. This provides an efficient solution for the jeweller, allowing them to focus on converting more clients and growing their business.

How are you different from other B2B platforms?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has shifted online, resulting in the rise of many online platforms, most of which are focused on listing services rather than being a true marketplace. While these platforms allow you to view supplier names and prices, they don't provide any guarantees for delivery, shipment, or security of your money. However, Diamonds On Call offers a complete supply chain management solution that ensures your money is protected and your deliveries arrive on time. Unlike other platforms that charge a subscription fee for window shopping, Diamonds On Call has a simple pay-for-value model, where you only pay when you see the value in our service. We have been profitable for years, thanks to our low fee of as little as 0.6 percent, which is made possible by our unique business model. Additionally, we offer various e-commerce solutions, such as API plug-in services, Client-centric Mode, and more that allow you to showcase millions of diamonds directly on your website at no charge. While there may be competition in the marketplace, we believe that the value we provide is essential to what a jeweller needs in these competitive times.

Harshil's great-grandfather Mafatlal (Madhavlal) Shah with his family in Karaikudi, Circa 1950. His family migrated to Karaikudi becoming the most sought-after diamond merchants in the region.

Harshil's great-grandfather Mafatlal (Madhavlal) Shah with his family in Karaikudi, Circa 1950. His family migrated to Karaikudi becoming the most sought-after diamond merchants in the region.

India fairly remains still conservative in terms of procuring diamonds online because it’s such a high value product. What are the changes that you have witnessed and how?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people purchasing jewellery online, with figures showing a double-digit growth from 2017 to the present day. Even in India, where we initially thought people were not ready for online purchases, the situation has changed due to the transparency, trust, and financial services created by the government. Additionally, logistics companies are now equipped to handle high-value goods, including diamonds, which were previously restricted. Many jewellers have approached us recently that they want to go online, they want to open their e-commerce platform, companies that are 150 years old want to go online. And this shows that there is a drastic demand of people who want to buy online.

To sum up, if you must give 3 reasons why people should subscribe to Diamonds On Call, what would they be?

We are a cut above the rest of the platforms because we offer the best in Supply Chain Management, Tech Support and Payment Solutions. Firstly, we offer a one-stop supply chain where you can easily get the type of diamond you need, consolidate the orders, get them quality-checked and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Secondly, we take care of your finance and payment, so you don't have to worry about managing your accounts. And finally, we offer a range of e-commerce solutions to help you establish your online presence. These three factors make Diamonds On Call the ideal platform for purchasing diamonds.

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