GIA India Celebrates Graduation of Diamond Diploma Students in Mumbai Ceremony

GIA India recently marked a significant milestone with the graduation ceremony of students from its Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program held at the Mumbai campus

Post By : IJ News Service On 18 June 2024 11:11 AM

GIA India recently celebrated the graduation of students from its Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program at the Mumbai campus. Devansh Rajesh Shah, Partner at Venus Jewel, graced the event as the chief guest.

Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director of Education and Market Development at GIA India, commended the graduates and expressed gratitude to Devansh for his support. She highlighted the program's role in equipping students with essential skills for the gem and jewellery sector.

Reflecting on his experience, Aadit Parekh, a GIA Diamonds Graduate, shared, "Discovering GIA through industry friends has been invaluable as I venture into the diamond business. The knowledge gained will undoubtedly benefit my career."

Similarly, Pratham Verma, another GIA Diamonds Graduate, emphasized the program's impact beyond diamond education, noting, "GIA has instilled in me a strong sense of punctuality, which I will carry forward in all aspects of my life."

Muskan Narula, who transitioned into the industry out of personal fascination, praised GIA's educational offerings. "After recommendations from friends, I completed two programs at GIA: CAD/CAM for Jewelry and the Graduate Diamonds Program," she shared. "These credentials have significantly boosted my confidence and prepared me well for my journey in this dynamic field."

The ceremony underscored GIA's commitment to shaping skilled professionals equipped to thrive in the gem and jewellery industry.

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