SWAROVSKI GEMS™, has recently announced the launch of Zirconia Fancy Diamond Cuts, the latest innovation and addition to the Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia. Known worldwide for its unrivaled consistency of cut, color and brilliance, SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has a long and treasured philosophy of creative and technological excellence, the twin cornerstones of the company. The newly expanded Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia is the latest example of that dedication to perfection and joins the gem palette of exceptional quality that SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has been offering to the worlds of fine and bridge jewelry, watches, eyewear and lifestyle electronics since 1965. With the launch of the astonishing Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia, SWAROVSKI GEMS™ introduced its revolutionary Round Pure Brilliance Cut to the world. The introduction of Zirconia Diamond Colors was the second stage in the development of the Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia. SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has enhanced this brilliant created stone with four colors, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Pink, Fancy Blue and Fancy Brown that most importantly correspond to exact GIA color-grading standards. SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has now introduced Zirconia Fancy Diamond Cuts - the latest of the trilogy of innovations that together form the Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia. The five Zirconia Fancy Diamond Cuts being launched, the Square Princess, Marquise, Pear, Oval and Baguette Princess, exemplify the epitome of cutting technology, each with its own distinctly individual character and unique story to impart. Each of the Zirconia Fancy Diamond Cuts conforms to the highest standards and shares all the perfection, and scintillating life and fire of Pure Brilliance.