BlueStone's Maiden Watch Jewellery Campaign Says 'Love Is In The Little Things'

BlueStone breaks the festive clutter with its distinctive watch jewellery category that has over 100 designs in pins, bands and charms across a price range of Rs 4500 - Rs 110000

Post By : IJ News Service On 29 September 2022 1:14 PM

BlueStone announces the launch of their latest TVC campaign, 'Love is in the Little Things', featuring an exclusive range of innovative, exquisite watch jewellery. The brand stands out in a flurry of festive messaging by featuring a clutter-breaking category. BlueStone highlights the small moments that make a relationship shine rather than focusing on grand romantic gestures. Fine watch jewellery exists at the intersection of technology and fitness, both a ubiquitous part of contemporary lifestyles. Since all smartwatches look relatively the same, this category of charm-like pieces allows consumers to flaunt their individuality and doubles up as an excellent gifting option, helping one build a stylish collection that matches their many moods.

The TVC captures the story of a couple, a wife who is a seasoned runner and a husband who isn't as active, both completing a marathon. Having finished, we see the wife seek out her partner, who appears exhausted yet ecstatic to cross the finish line. Struggling to catch his breath, he pulls out something from his pocket and attaches it to her smartwatch. Surprised, the woman curiously looks at the unique piece of watch jewellery on her wrist – one meant to be a memento commemorating their first marathon together – denoting that love is in the little things.

Speaking on the launch, Harshna Pasari, Head of Marketing, BlueStone, said, "Predominantly, the romance we see depicted is one of over-the-top fairy tales. But real relationships are built on small, intimate moments rather than grand gestures. That's what we want to capture in our messaging - a reassuring touch, reliable routines, and little yet meaningful gifts like watch jewellery – that keep the romance alive and kicking. The featured category furthers our storytelling at a time when other brands are talking about heavy, festive collections that modern couples are increasingly moving away from. Today, the consumer demands jewellery for everyday wear - for the wardrobe, not the locker - and BlueStone is here to satiate their desires." Arvind Krishnan and Prajato Guha, Founders at Manja, the Creative Agency who led the campaign's conceptualisation reveal “The product is so fresh; it made us want to place it in an equally fresh human context. ‘Love Is In The Little Things’ was born from that. The film, print ads and all other assets bring this to life in their own, unique way. The narrative feels fresh, yet remains rooted in truth.

The 360-degree campaign will be featured across television, OTT, print, in-cinema, social media and other digital platforms. Building an endless aisle across their website, app, and over 100 stores nationwide, the brand's watch jewellery category has over 100 designs across three variants - pins, bands, and charms - allowing anyone with a smartwatch to subtly express their styles across a price range of ?4500 to over ?110000.

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