Grand Jury of JJS-IJ Design Awards 2022 Handpicks Winning Designs

From over 1000 entries, 130 curated jewellery pieces were on the hot list of Jaipur Jewellery Show’s Indian Jeweller Design Awards’ Grand Jury Meet

Post By : IJ News Service On 23 November 2022 5:20 PM

It was an exciting encounter when the gurus of art, design, marketing and jewellery met a mixed bag of precious stones and metals in a marriage of art and design at the vibrant ballroom of JW Marriott in Mumbai today. The Grand Jury Meet of the Jaipur Jewellery Show’s IJ Design Awards 2022 had respected and renowned names on the panel. The Grand Jury included Rajiv Jain, G&J Industry Expert and Secretary of the Jaipur Jewellery Show; Poonam Soni, Principal Designer Poonam Soni Signature Jewellery; Dr Parag Vyas, Jewellery Skill Building Expert, Founder-GrauBär Design Studios; Darshini Shah, Celebrity Interior Designer of Design by Darshini Shah; Pravir Sethi, Principal Architect at Studio Hinge; Pratiksha Prashant, G&J Marketing Expert and CEO of Kishandas & Co.; Tina Kakkad, Social Media Influencer and Luxury Blogger, Image Code and Mohit Rai, Celebrity Stylist, Celebrity Wedding and Runway Stylist, A Brand Incubator.  

JJS-IJ Awards 2022 Grand Jury Meet was an unbiased endeavor to scour out the choicest rendering of precious articles in the most inspiring forms that included a fair judging process, a transparent grading system and an anonymous display of jewellery. Awestruck with the opulence and grandeur of the display, the jury was impressed beyond compare with the amount of love and labour that would’ve gone into the creation of the brilliant works of art as jewellery. Results of the Jury’s final decision will reflect as grand awards given away on the premiere night of the 4-day Jaipur Jewellery Show at the IJ Design Awards 2022.

IJ Design Awards is organized by Indian Jeweller Magazine, presented by the Jaipur Jewellery Show and powered by GIA with BVC as logistics partner and Diamond World magazine as media partner.

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