IIJS Signature 2023 Launches One Earth Initiative for a Greener Planet

This pro-environment initiative by the GJEPC is in association with SankalpTaru Foundation

Post By : IJ News Service On 25 November 2022 12:21 PM

In a major step towards sustainable development goals, IIJS Signature 2023, scheduled from January 5 – 9, 2023, is launching the “One Earth” initiative in association with SankalpTaru Foundation. This is the first such large-scale pro-environment initiative by a gem and jewellery trade organisation in India. The tree plantation drive is aimed at offsetting carbon emissions generated by IIJS Shows with added benefit of contributing to the livelihood of farmers. In 2021, global CO2 emissions grew 4.8%, reaching 34.9 billion tonnes of CO2. The increase in carbon emissions has only added to the climatic change, causing extreme weather conditions like tropical storms, wildfires, severe droughts, and heat waves, negatively affecting crop production and causing disruption to the natural habitats.

Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC said, “With the support of IIJS Signature exhibitors, visitors and all partners and associates, we aim to contribute towards the plantation of trees to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the show. This is in line with the assurance of our Hon'ble Prime Minister to become a net zero carbon neutral country by 2070. I request everyone to come forward and join this initiative to make it a grand success.” Appealing to the visitors and exhibitors to contribute to the One Earth initiative by IIJS, Nirav Bhansali, Convener, National Exhibitions, GJEPC said, “GJEPC alone as part of shared responsibility would be contributing to plant 5000+ trees towards the “ONE EARTH” initiative which is roughly two trees per stall at IIJS Signature 2023 and pledge to continue the initiative across all IIJS versions across the year. We urge our exhibitors to come forward and voluntarily contribute at least 1% of their booth cost or more. At the same time, I would also request each visitor to also participate in this noble initiative and help plant maximum trees across India.”

It will cost just Rs 155 for one tree, and the proceeds would directly go to SankalpTaru Foundation. They will, in turn, utilize the fund to generate income for a farmer, enabling him to earn approximately Rs 10,000 per tree over 20 years. The tree plantation drive will be instrumental in securing the future of lakhs of farmers thus ensuring food security and clean environment in India. Carbon emission is a major issue which needs to be tackled for a sustainable earth and this tree plantation drive will help in contributing to this effort. GJEPC plans to continue such initiatives in all its IIJS shows, which will go a long way in reducing carbon emissions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision is to become a net zero carbon neutral country by 2070, and through such initiatives GJEPC will promote responsible environmental practices, reduce carbon footprint, and offer protection against future ecological degradation. Through the initiative, we aim to plant thousands of trees and rebuild the natural ecosystem, increase green cover, and improve water table levels.

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